Simple Summer Tablescape

Sometimes I purchase things just because I know I’ll eventually use them in my home decor. I’ve developed a pretty good feel for things that work in my home, so I don’t have to have the perfect spot in mind before I purchase something.

These woven chargers were a different story. I had them styled on my kitchen table before I even removed the tags! My mom purchased a few of the same ones several weeks earlier and I loved how she styled them on her kitchen table. I couldn’t wait to use them in my dining area!

I’m always looking for a way to keep my dining room table pretty, but without so much stuff that it’s difficult to sit down and eat a meal without completely un-doing the decor. Typically I leave a runner (or two place mats together to look like a runner) and a small centerpiece on the table. When it’s time to eat, I grab a few place mats or a tablecloth and quickly set the table.

Here’s how I set the table for Sunday dinner over the weekend. I love using white dishes because they work with any color scheme, and the chargers really add great texture and dimension to my table setting!

Setting a pretty table doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive! I picked up those place mats from a Target clearance a couple years ago, and everything else I’ve had for ages! In between meals, I leave the centerpiece on the table along with the place mats, chargers and napkins.

Best of all, these chargers were only $3 each! I picked them up at Dollar General along with some other really fun pieces. You can see the rest of my Dollar General haul here.


6 thoughts on “Simple Summer Tablescape

  1. Love the mix of patterns and textures! And those came from Dollar General? Awesome find!! 🙂 It’s fun to buy odds and ends and see how they turn out. I’ve been eyeing runners a bit more lately, as the stores seem to offer a lot of variety.


  2. Your Sunday dinner setting is so pretty! Love the mix of textures, patterns and glassware. It’s fun to know your personal style well and be able to pick up things as you find them. There’s nothing better than having a stash of things you love decorate your home with.


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