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5 Things On Friday {July’s Highlights}

“To everything there is a season, a time to every matter under heaven.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

It’s no secret that summer is not my favorite season (I like winter, fall, spring and then summer), so the end of July brings us that much closer to my favorite seasons! Summer doesn’t last forever – fall is coming! I don’t have a lot to say about the past month, so I’ll just share a collage of pictures from July that pretty well tell the story of what I enjoyed this month.

I didn’t realize until I was putting the finishing touches on this post…almost all of these pictures include food! Ha! Somehow I managed to keep up with my weight loss during July, in spite of a freezer FULL of ice cream. Here are my food highlights from July!

1// July 4th

2// Paul’s Birthday

3// Summer Treats – Ice Cream, Peaches and Tomatoes

4// Fun Dates!

5// Truth

Just as it’s true that summer doesn’t last forever, here’s another thought that’s encouraged me this month: trials don’t last forever. If you’re going through a hard time that seems more unbearable than summer heat and 100% humidity, remember that it won’t last forever. Autumn is coming, with its cool breezes and crisp mornings. Even if your trial feels very permanent, take heart in the hope of an eternity in heaven, free from heartache and trials. Life will be sweeter someday – Jesus said it, and I believe it!

Some of my favorite posts and videos from this month:

What was your favorite thing about July?


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12 thoughts on “5 Things On Friday {July’s Highlights}

  1. I think you hit the nail on the head with the food, as that is one of my favorite parts of summer! πŸ™‚ The heat isn’t my favorite, either, but knowing that the cooler weather is coming makes the heat a bit more bearable. And vice versa with the cold. I love to exclaim that “Summer is coming!” on the coldest, snowiest winter days. Fall is my favorite, hands-down. Can’t wait for sweaters and pumpkins everywhere!

    My favorite part of July was getting to spend the 4th with family we don’t usually see at this time of year. We had tasty food and saw their town’s fireworks display, which was awesome! Great family memories!


    1. It’s hard for me to pick Winter over Fall – I guess the reason that I like Winter best is because Fall is still very hot here. Winter is the only time I’m guaranteed pleasant (not sweaty) weather! πŸ™‚


  2. What a yummy month! Glad you’re finding the sweet spots during your not so favorite time of year. Thinking of you and hoping that August brings some extra smiles and treats your way πŸ™‚


  3. Jesus said it, I believe it. LOVE!!! Even if you don’t love summer it looks like y’all are having plenty of summer fun and making some sweet memories. I need to grab some really good summer peaches from the farmers market soon.


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