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Making MY Home A Place Of Comfort

People often comment that my home seems really peaceful. Whether it’s a comment on an Instagram picture or a kind compliment from a guest, it really makes my day when someone says that. I’ve worked very hard to achieve that feeling in my home!

The tagline under my blog name says, “Inspiration to make your home a place of comfort.” Most of the time my posts emphasize the “place of comfort” part of that phrase, as I share things about organizing, decorating, cooking and frugal living. Even posts on marriage help you to make your home a “place of comfort” by encouraging you to improve the relationships in your home.

In order to have a peaceful home, we have to focus on the “your home” part of the tagline. Your home is…your home. As the woman, you are the one (whether single or married) who has the power to create a peaceful environment. 

Let me give you an illustration that really touched my heart. A young wife that I’ve known for a few years is moving across the country with her husband as he begins a new chapter in his career. They leave behind years of friendships, lots of family and a beautiful new home they built from scratch. They’re moving to a city where they won’t know a soul and will be living in an apartment for the foreseeable future.

This young wife shared with me how much she loved her home here, and that she really wanted to create the same feeling in their new home that they’ve enjoyed so much in their hometown. She planned large blocks of time after their move that would allow her to focus totally on unpacking and setting up their new home, so that when her husband comes home from work he will feel like he is truly home.

One of my favorite things she did was to purchase a large stash of local candles in the same scent she’s been burning in their beloved home. She’s hoping that the memories and feelings associated with that scent will create a peaceful feeling of home in their new city.

I believe that to have a peaceful home, we must first take responsibility for the way our home feels to those who live there. That doesn’t mean we have to do all the work (I’m a huge fan of husbands who pick up after themselves and offer to vacuum!), but it just means we realize that everything starts with us. 

Proverbs 14:1 “The wise woman builds her house, but the foolish tears it down with her hands.”

“Where does a family live? In a home. Who is responsible for creating a loving atmosphere? The wife/mother. We must deliberately, purposefully build the atmosphere in our home. The home is the center of our family life – if there are no children, then that’s the center where your marriage is. Our home ministers to our family more than we can ever imagine.” (Excerpt from A Heart For Your Home, used with permission)

This takes work! It takes energy. It takes time. But it is such a rewarding endeavor!

I loved hearing how my friend created a peaceful home by planning ahead to burn familiar candles. Tell me – how do you create a peaceful home for your family? I’d love to include your tips and ideas in a future blog post!


16 thoughts on “Making MY Home A Place Of Comfort

  1. When we first married – 30 years ago- I had expectations that I later realized were so fairy tale like. It took my own understanding that we all have our parts to play in a home and we have to do them with a grateful heart. My husband doesn’t help with much around the house cleaning wise but he loves projects and has his own strengths that we could not do without. A peaceful home recognizes some of the differences in people. Love your blog! 🙂


  2. Your home is always so cozy! I love that you’ve collected things for years to get the feel and look you want. You’re right about it requiring thoughtful work to make your home a place of comfort. I try to keep my home organized, comfy, take everyone’s opinions into account and hang pictures of fun memories we’ve made together. We seem to have more fun and enjoy being home when everything has a place, we all have comfortable spots around the house and everyone gets a say in things around our home.


  3. Your photos are always lovely – and inspiring! I have some of those cotton branches and just did not know what do to with them (so I stashed them away). Yours look so nice in the blue jar….I’m inspired:) By the way, I love how you use candles often to set the tone you love – even though you can’t smell them!! Sweet:)


  4. I really should work harder on creating a peaceful home….sometimes for me that means letting things go a little and just chilling out. Cutting the clutter, too, seems to make that easier. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Whitney!


  5. Your home looks lovely – serene, I’d say. It gives off a happy vibe even in photos.
    I don’t give much thought to how much comfort my home has – I mean, I don’t deliberately make it so, but try to have everything my family needs .. meals planned and cooked daily, a clean bathroom for everyone, broken toys repaired promptly, clean laundry always available, fresh air flowing through open windows, pleasant music playing, floorspace cleared for impromptu dancing…. 😉 Maybe that’s obvious stuff?


    1. I think you are more deliberate than you realize! Just browse home sale listings online – you’ll see very quickly that tidy, organized homes like you described are not the norm! 🙂 Your home sounds very serene to me!

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      1. Hmm, maybe…! Thanks for that. 🙂 I do have a habit of letting paper pile up in two locations, but other than that I guess I do keep it neat! As neat as I can with two kids and their toys and art ….


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