What We’re Eating {July 2017}

As I mentioned on Friday, this month has been all about good food! Here are four new recipes from July that turned out to be keepers. I’m not at all ashamed to admit that half of them are dessert items!

My blogging buddies, Katie and Whitney, have also rounded up their favorite recipes from this month! Click the links below to see what’s been cooking up in their kitchens!

And now, my favorite new recipes from this month!

Recipe #1 – Individual Berry Cobbler

My Mom posted this recipe on her blog and I couldn’t wait to try it! I love cobbler, but Paul won’t touch it. There’s no reason for me to make a big pan of any dessert just for myself, so I literally haven’t made cobbler in seven years! This recipe changed my life. Now I can have just enough cobbler any time I want! I’ve made this recipe with blueberries and peaches, and both are equally delicious!

This would be a great dessert to serve for company. Prep the cobblers ahead of time and slide them in the oven when you sit down to eat your meal. When it’s time for dessert, you have bubbly, hot cobbler fresh out of the oven!

Recipe #2 – Oreo Birthday Cake Blondies

Paul requested brownies for his birthday dessert, but that’s something I make on a pretty regular basis. I wanted to make his dessert a little more “special” than usual, so I tried this recipe for Oreo Birthday Cake Blondies. They were a huge success even though they didn’t rise as well as they should have (Aldi flour doesn’t always do as well as name brand flour, FYI). They’re very rich – especially with the extra frosting on top – but what good is a birthday dessert if it’s not indulgent?

Recipe #3 – Greek Salad with Zucchini

We didn’t just eat dessert this month! πŸ™‚ I really enjoyed this salad as a side dish as well as a light lunch. Although the recipe calls for cucumber, I swapped it out for zucchini. It’s delicious and so simple!

Recipe #4 – Hello Fresh Meals

We enjoyed 3 new recipes from Hello Fresh this month – you can read about our experience in this post.

Even though I enjoyed some great desserts this month, I managed to reach my lowest weight in 12 months! A year ago I would never have thought that possible. The most surprising thing about my weight loss journey? Read this post to find out!




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14 thoughts on “What We’re Eating {July 2017}

  1. Wow, these all look so good! Sometimes I love food too much! LOL! Cobbler isn’t something I’ve made myself, but I’ve enjoyed all I’ve eaten. Might need to give it a whirl!


  2. Oh, those cobblers and blondies look AMAZING! Thank you for sharing! I’m going to join the century and sign-up for Pinterest so I can save this!


  3. Yummy!! We love cobbler so those mini cobblers look really delicious. I usually make peach cobbler, but your berry cobbler looks perfect for summer. I’ve never eaten raw zucchini so I’ll have to remember that for a salad option.


  4. Cobbler is my favorite! Yum. πŸ™‚ I love the idea of individual servings. I think that might be a great recipe to take to people for meal care at our church! Not everyone wants a pan of brownies when you are an older adult just home from the hospital…thank you for sharing the recipe!


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