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Valentine’s Day Plans {Menu Monday}


Happy Monday! Here’s our menu plan for this week, including all three meals as usual. We aren’t going out for Valentine’s Day – around here it’s impossible to find a table at any restaurant that night. For the past several years we’ve enjoyed a meal at home and have celebrated on another day instead! This morning we’re heading to Chick Fil A for breakfast and then Tuesday we’ll enjoy a quiet meal at home with a good movie. Are you eating out on Tuesday? 

In case you missed it, I shared this video on my YouTube channel last week. I thought it might be interesting to share exactly what I eat on a typical week day. I’ve changed my eating habits a lot in the past six months and have been very pleased with the results. Later this week I’ll post a look at what I eat on the weekend – because we all know I still enjoy a good slice of pizza! 🙂

On The Menu 


  • Granola with Yogurt and Fruit
  • Cereal
  • Avocado on Toast
  • Instant Oatmeal with Fruit


  • Deli Meat Sandwiches
  • Turkey & Rice Soup
  • Cereal & Yogurt


Need more menu planning inspiration? Follow my Weekly Menu Plans Pinterest board!





9 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Plans {Menu Monday}

    1. You know, I didn’t use a recipe. I just threw chicken stock, leftover turkey breast. cooked brown rice and some seasonings in a saucepan and let it hang out for a while. That’s not very helpful, I know. Sorry!


  1. We are having a fancy dinner at home tomorrow and I am so excited. Salad, cheese sticks, lasagna, bread, and brownie sundaes with strawberry ice cream. I better go for a long run tomorrow morning :P.


  2. I’m really enjoying hearing about your new way of eating! We are not going out either. It’s very crowded and terribly expensive. I’ll be making a good, simple dinner and a heart shaped cake for desert! 🙂


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