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5 Pictures on Friday {14 Days of Love Recap}

This month I’ve been participating in the 14 Days of Love photo challenge that Stephanie and Beth are hosting on Instagram. I love doing Instagram challenges, because it forces me to look for beautiful moments and gives me beautiful pictures that I treasure. You might have seen the ones I did during fall and Christmas that were so much fun!

I love celebrating Valentine’s Day! It’s not just for celebrating the love between couples (although that’s a lot of fun), it’s also a wonderful time of the year to express love and care to others in your life. Even though the 14 Days of Love challenge is not quite finished, I wanted to share a few of those pictures in today’s post. Here are five of my favorites from so far in this month’s challenge:






I will confess, I have been tempted to post a picture of one of the cats with almost every single prompt! They just fit all the categories of things I love! So there you have it, my full and complete crazy cat lady confessional. Ha!

Happy Valentines Day! 


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19 thoughts on “5 Pictures on Friday {14 Days of Love Recap}

  1. Love your berry wreath for Valentine’s Day. I added a heart garland to mine to make it work through February! I like you idea of cats every day for the photo challenge. Maybe you’ll have to do a cat lady challenge one day and I’ll join in 🙂


  2. I love it! I’ve been enjoying your pics and love that this photo challenge prompted you to be on the lookout for those sweet moments in every day life! Thanks for sharing. 🙂 Wishing you a beautiful upcoming weekend, Whitney! xo – Brenda //


  3. That coffee mug is adorable! Also, the picture of your cat made me smile. From that angle, she looks like my cat ‘Pumpkin’ that I had for 13 years until she passed in 2014. I’m generally more of a dog person, but she found a sweet spot in my heart & was very dear to me. 🙂


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