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14 Days of Love {Recap 2018}

I know that Valentine’s Day is pretty commercialized in the United States, but I don’t let that stop me from enjoying all things hearts and love! It was fun to highlight that through the 14 Days of Love Photo challenge that I hosted with a few of my blogging friends! Looking back at my favorite pictures from the challenge, a few things stand out to me. I enjoyed:

  • my new “love” Dollar Tree mug
  • the ability to care for Paul and some down time at home while he was sick with the flu
  • happy mail – both sending and receiving it!

Photo challenges really help you look for the beauty in every day and give you a curated collection of memories from the season!

There’s something else I love – sharing my heart with you on YouTube! Today I have a new “From My Heart Friday” video and it’s all about punctuality. I hope you’ll watch it and let me know what you think!

14 Days of Love {2017}



6 thoughts on “14 Days of Love {Recap 2018}

  1. The photo challenge was a lot of fun! It is definitely a great scrapbook of memories to reflect on! I need to catch up on your videos.


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