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Valentines Day Date At Home

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You don’t have to leave home to celebrate a special occasion like Valentines Day. Having a date night at home can be just as romantic – maybe even more romantic – as a date night on the town. Last weekend Paul and I chose to celebrate Valentines Day with a meal at home, and I’m so glad we did.

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I set the table with red, white and turquoise. It’s not unusual for me to light candles at the supper table, but the tapers seem a little more romantic in this setting. I grabbed the arrangement from the coffee table and with a quick message written on my chalkboard block, the table was set! Even though my husband doesn’t necessarily “care” if the table looks pretty, it’s important to me and I want him to know I value our time together enough to make it special.

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For the meal, I served salad and garlic bread as the first course. I’ve found that serving things separately helps us to take our time and not rush through the meal. Lasagna and garlic green beans made the second course – I used this quick and easy recipe from Southern Living and was really happy with the results. For dessert I served chocolate pie (pudding in a graham cracker crust – Paul’s fave) on white dessert plates with Valentines napkins.

Having date night at home is a great option for parents. When I was in elementary school, my mom sometimes served their meal at a small round table in their bedroom. Once their door was closed, we knew not to bother them. Alli and I entertained ourselves for an hour while they enjoyed their time together (I imagine we did…if not, sorry Mom!).

Whether you’re on a tight budget, have a hard time arranging child care or just want a romantic night with your man, give date night at home a try!
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11 thoughts on “Valentines Day Date At Home

  1. A relaxing night at home is so much better than heading out on the town! Even if you just get takeout or delivery, it’s just special to be at home, in the quiet, just the two of you. So glad you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! And the table setting turned out so pretty!


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