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NASCAR Party Ideas!

It’s finally NASCAR season! Pinterest is always full of ideas for football parties – especially around the Super Bowl. Being the lifelong NASCAR fan that I am, I decided to do my part and give Pinterest a good shot of NASCAR inspiration. I have searched the internet and added a few ideas from past parties I’ve enjoyed to bring you a party that will make you as popular as Dale Jr.! 🙂


Menu Ideas:

  • The Martinsville Hot Dogs: recipe here
  • Banquet Race Car Chicken Nuggets: I don’t think Walmart carries them anymore, but if you have a H-E-B store nearby, you’re in luck!
  • Race Car Snack Track with chips and dip: recipe here
  • Texas Sheet Cake (recipe here) – decorated with M&M’s in the NASCAR logo (this was an original idea created by a friend of mine years ago)
  • Oreos – stacked to resemble tires stacked behind pit road, of course!

Where To Find Nascar Party Themed Decor:

  • Hobby Lobby: they have checkered flag plates, napkins, crepe paper, banners and more!
  • Party City: more checkered flag options (also check out their racing table runner!)
  • Race Party Decorations: incredibly affordable, large inventory with lots of fun decorations!

Nascar Party Themed Serving Platter via ComeHomeForComfort.com

I made this NASCAR track serving platter several years ago – you only need a few items to make one for your party!

NASCAR Track Serving Platter:

  • Oval Serving Platter
  • Black Construction Paper

Trace the outline of the platter on the construction paper. Cut out the oval shape, and then trace and cut out a smaller oval in the center to create the race track. Attach the paper to the platter. You can also make an infield to attach in the center of the platter using green or black paper.

Boogity Boogity Boogity! Let’s go racin’! 

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