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My 2017 Goals

Last year was the first time I set specific goals for myself, and I was so motivated by the results. I took what I learned last year and used that as a springboard for 2017’s goals. I’m branching out this year and dividing them into specific categories. Here they are!


Personal/Household Goals

  • Continue My Daily Household Cleaning Routine: I have basically the same schedule as last year, so I plan to continue working household chores into my every day routine. I’ve tweaked last year’s cleaning schedule a bit and I’ll share the new one once I’ve settled into it. My hope is that this will result in having at least one free Saturday a month where I’m able to take the day “off” from all household chores without getting behind.
  • Continue My Healthy Eating Lifestyle: I didn’t share this with many people at all (and definitely not on social media/the blog), but I’ve been steadily working toward a permanent lifestyle of healthy eating choices. This is a big deal for someone who literally could exist on ice cream and potatoes! I started in September with a serious weight loss diet and transitioned into something that will hopefully be sustainable throughout my adult life. I hesitated to share this publicly for several reasons that I might go into later. For now, just know that I haven’t cut anything completely out of my diet. I’m approaching food with more of a 90% healthy/10% indulgent balance. My hope is that this will result in continued weight loss and a permanently healthy lifestyle!
  • Complete A Book Study with Friends: A few of my friends have expressed the desire to read something like The Best Yes or Grace, Not Perfection with a group. I would really love to go though a book like that with other women, so I’m hoping to start that up this year! If you have a book recommendation, let me know! (And if you’re local and are interested, give me a holler!)


Marriage Goals (these are things Paul and I discussed and agreed to do together)

  • Weekly Budget Meetings: These will help us improve our communication and our spending! You probably know that I’m not a big spender, and neither of us are going crazy with the debit card (LOL). We just decided we need to be better with talking about where the money is going as well as planning what to do with any extra…if that ever happens. Ha. 🙂
  • Read Through The Bible: I haven’t read through the Bible since college, and I’ve never read completely through it using the ESV. The best option for me is to listen to portions each morning while I’m getting ready, so we decided to use “THE BIBLE in a year” plan on the YouVersion app. Each day you read from the Old Testament and the New Testament as well as Psalms or Proverbs. If you would like to read along with us, you can add me – my username on the app is “Whitney Pendell.”


Blog & YouTube Goals:

  • Continue posting 3x’s each week on the blog
  • Upload at least one video a week to YouTube
  • Include Paul in more videos!
  • Move my blog to a self-hosted site (eek!)

In case you’re wondering, I’m not planning to feature a Monday Marriage Matters recap post every month. Thank you for your feedback – I’m glad to know you enjoyed those posts! I’ll probably do them at least quarterly, but not as often as last year. I have a few other topics I want to cover and I’m excited to share those posts with you!

Have you set goals for yourself this year? I would love to hear what you’re working toward in 2017!



23 thoughts on “My 2017 Goals

  1. Congratulations on your healthy lifestyle changes. I’m excited to hear more about them and how you’re making the goals more of a permanent change rather than a short term one. I love all of your goal categories. Your marriage goals are always inspiring. I wish you the best for your book club aspirations. I’d love to do the same because it was so much fun to do it with friends when I lived in Salt Lake. I’d HIGHLY recommend The Best Yes, The Fringe Hours, Breaking Busy, Hands Free Life, Homer’s Odyssey by Gwen Cooper since you’re a cat lover and I just got Grace, Not Perfection for Christmas.


  2. Great goals, Whitney! I hope they all go well. 😊 I will have to add “The Best Yes” and “Grace, Not Perfection ” to my reading list. I am always looking for good books with encouragement. Wishing you a wonderful 2017!


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