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2017 Goals Update

Happy March 1st! It’s time to check in with my progress on this year’s goals. I hope that you’re seeing good results in the areas where you set goals this year. If not, I have some encouragement for you at the end of the post!


Personal/Household Goals

  • Continue My Daily Household Cleaning Routine:  This is going really well! Implementing my “do it often, do it first” mantra has really helped me to stay on top of the laundry as well as those less than favorite chores like mopping the bathroom floors. My house isn’t perfect, but it’s presentable. Win!
  • Continue My Healthy Eating Lifestyle: I’m happy with how I’m maintaining this in the new year. If you’re curious what kind of stuff I’m eating, watch my “What I Eat In A Day” videos over on YouTube. There’s a weekday and a weekend version!
  • Complete A Book Study with Friends: This has been a tremendous blessing! I had several friends agree to meet weekly and work through The Best Yes, and this week we had our fifth book club meeting. We have a third of the book left and it has been such a great experience. If you haven’t read this book yet, I highly recommend it!

Marriage Goals 

  • Weekly Budget Meetings: We haven’t done this every Monday, but at least twice in January and February we sat down to discuss “where’s the money going?” to help each other understand our needs and our financial goals. We used to do this when we were first married, and it’s been very good to help each other stay in the loop.
  • Read Through The Bible: Wow! This has been such a blessing in my life! It’s amazing how the Old and New Testament passages connect with each other – and how they speak to specific situations in my life. So far I’ve stayed on track with each day’s passages. Paul reads through the passages – I listen to them on the app, so he’s a little bit behind. I’m sure he’ll catch up, though. 🙂

Blog & YouTube Goals:

  • Continue posting 3x’s each week on the blog – success!
  • Upload at least one video a week to YouTube – success!
  • Include Paul in more videos! – We did The Whisper Challenge for Valentine’s Day!
  • Move my blog to a self-hosted site  – haven’t even thought about this one. LOL.

I’m not sure if this is interesting to you all, but it’s good for me to do a little check-in to make sure I’m sticking with my goals for the year. If you set some goals and then abandoned them, don’t despair! It’s a new month with fresh possibilities! Pick one of your goals and focus on making progress in just that one area this month. I’m cheering for you!



6 thoughts on “2017 Goals Update

  1. Great job on working through your goals!! I am really hoping to start a book club with my friends soon. I have loved doing them in the past and think it would be fun kid free thing for me to do now. I look forward to hear what your book club is reading in the future!


  2. Keeping on top of goals, is what makes for success Whitney. I am going to read through the Bible this year as well. I used to do it regularly but decided on some other Bible studies for a while. Now I am ready to get back to it. I am going to get a “Pew Bible” at Lifeway to use. I find with my personal Bible, I tend to look at underlined verses etc so one that is unmarked will allow me to listen more carefully to what God is telling me. Congrats on your success.


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