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My Goals For 2016 – A Year of Lessons

Setting goals for the year was a new thing for me in 2016. My main goal was simply this: I wanted to be wise with the extra few hours in my week. I began 2016 with a part-time job, unlike the rest of my post-college years where I’ve worked full time. As I look back over 2016, I can definitely say that I accomplished my goal!

I learned some great lessons from setting goals. So how did I do on the three things I wanted to make more time for this year?


#1 Playing the piano

This one is a little deep. I did learn a few new pieces and spend more time playing the piano than I did last year. More than that, God showed me that there are other things I can do to serve Him and to bless others – playing the piano in church isn’t my only avenue of service. He redirected me to other areas where I needed to invest my time. It was hard lesson, but one I’m so grateful to have received.

#2 Routine Cleaning Tasks

If nothing else, I made a habit of working household tasks into my every day routine and stayed on top of those things better than ever before. My house is far from spotless, but I am really happy with the progress I made. I loved my household cleaning schedule. I will probably tweak it a bit for next year, but having those quarterly tasks really helped me stay on top of things that weren’t every day cleaning tasks.

#3 Intentional Friendships

This is another goal that didn’t end up like I thought it might. I had a group of women in mind that I wanted to target as “potential friends.” I attended a conference in the spring that was a spiritual landmark in my life – it broadened my view of who my “potential friends” could be and at the same time, narrowed my focus as to how I could be a better friend. I’m definitely not there, but I’m closer than I was in January!

I also set fun seasonal goals for myself – I updated those posts with my progress:

I am very glad that I set these goals for myself and will be forming new goals for 2017. Overall, I learned that setting goals gives me direction and makes me available to be used by God

How did you do on your goals for 2016? Did you learn any good lessons? It’s never too late to start working on something that you want to change!




21 thoughts on “My Goals For 2016 – A Year of Lessons

  1. Meeting people who turn into friends has been challenging. I meet many people through my job, and although I enjoy talking to them, I would not say we are friends.


  2. Constructive use of time has always been a struggle for me. It’s definitely something I have to continuously work on, so I remain focused. Glad you were able to make strides in multiple areas! I’ve also been pondering several areas of life, and which way I’m called to go. Life often doesn’t turn out the way we planned, but that’s not always a bad thing.


  3. It is always interesting to see where God wants us to go and what He wants us to do. It sounds like you had a year where you learned more about where He is leading you and that is a wonderful thing.


  4. Great progress!! I think making friends as an adult is so hard. Everyone is busy and it’s hard to coordinate schedules/plans/lives. I also have ideas of who might be a good friend, but I should probably pray more and plan less in this area. I think that I’m likely missing out on friend opportunities around me. So I’m definitely trying hard in the friendship department, too. It sounds like 2016 has had lots of great lessons for you. I need to revisit my goals from January, too. Thanks for the reminder.


  5. Hey there! You last goal, Intentional Friendships, caught my eye. I like your conclusion that this goal helped you to look within to focus on being a better friend. I believe the right friends will come your way because you are looking from inside out. 🙂


  6. I love setting goals. I have always been a goal/list motivated person so being able to cross things off really helps me out. I am glad that you found some success with your goals this year. So many people get too easily discouraged.


  7. Isn’t it funny how God brings people into our lives? My dear friend, Susan, and I met at a Bible study at our church 20 something years ago. The ladies all drew numbers for prayer partners then you had to go around the room and find the other person who had your number. Susan was not a person I would have sought out as a friend but God KNEW I needed her in my life. Susan is one of those quiet contemplative, critical thinking people while I am more sanguine in my personality. After 20 years of friendship, I know she is a person I can trust with my deepest secrets and I can confess my sins to her for accountability knowing it will end with Susan. So iI had to smile at the sentence in your post where you thought you had a “target” group for friendship. Praying God will bring just the right friends into your life Whitney. Taking time to make true Godly Friends is never time wasted. ( As Patch the Pirate says, Walk with the Wise!!)


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