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Fall 2016 – Bucket List and Goals

Fall 2016 bucket list and goals

This year I’ve really enjoyed keeping track of my goals. I’m still working through my main goals for 2016, but it’s also fun to come up with a list of seasonally appropriate to-do’s that I can check off as they are accomplished.ย I know that Fall doesn’t start until the end of September, but planning requires that you do things ahead of time. Also I’m just excited that it’s the “ber” months! ๐Ÿ™‚

In an effort to convince myself to enjoy Summer, I posted my Summer bucket list at the end of Spring. Fall is my favorite season – so while it won’t be hard to enjoy, I still want to plan ahead for the things I wantย to accomplish before December. Let’s get right into it!

  • Participate in an Instagram style challenge – I haven’t done one of these in a couple years, and it will be fun to challenge myself to put together cute outfits that I want to share! (I did an Instagram challenge…just not a style one!)
  • Make baked goods to take to work (or to send with Paul) at least once a month pumpkin chocolate chip bread
  • Get gift ideas from family and begin Christmas shopping
  • Plan and host Thanksgiving –ย we are celebrating with my inlaws, and are hoping to host a few other people who don’t have family in the area or who just need somewhere to spend Thanksgiving Recap here
  • Get pictures taken for our Christmas card
  • Spend a weekend with my family in Tennessee I snuck a day trip in there

What are you looking forward to accomplishing this fall?

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33 thoughts on “Fall 2016 – Bucket List and Goals

  1. I’m a little excited the months are now “ber”s, as well. In our family, there are 3 birthdays (Hun, Me, and Turtle Boy) all within about 2 weeks of one another! Even though I love the sun of spring and summer, I enjoy the changing colors of the leaves, less humidity, and baking! I do hope to get some dessert baking done this fall, but we’ll see… ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. Just in our family, we have 3 birthdays (Hun, myself, and Turtle Boy)! In Hun’s family, not counting myself, there are like 4 other birthdays. Plus, of course, you have holidays and upcoming fun times with family ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. The “ber” months are super busy around here, as my family has a TON of fall birthdays! Looking forward to burning some yummy fall candles and lots of baking. I love taking a trip to a pumpkin patch or orchard, but not sure it’s happening this year. Going to dig out the fall decor very soon, and another trip to Goodwill is in the works to tidy up before winter gets here.

    I got to experience my first University of Nebraska Huskers football game over Labor Day weekend, and that was a longtime fall-ish bucket list item for me. I’m not a HUGE sports fan, but my mom went to the university, and the Huskers are big around here. It was a fun time, in spite of the pregame/first quarter rain. Being a part of that 90,000 fan crowd was something else!


  3. I’m working on my fall bucket list, too. My husband and I were just saying that some of the best memories are made during the next few months. It’s a special time of year! PS I can’t wait to see your style challenge!!!


  4. Fall is my favorite season, too!!!
    I’m planning the Pinterest party at church, I’d like to take the boys to one of the local high school football games, Thanksgiving at the in-laws (with some coming in from Boston) & eat as many pumpkin-y things as possible.
    And I hope I get to see you when you visit your parents, too! ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. Great goals Whitney! I’m going to do this as well. Baking as many things with the New England apples I’ll be picking will be on the list! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  6. I hadn’t heard the phrase, “The ber months” – how cute! Brrr! I found a list of autumn activities on Pinterest that I love and am posting on my bulletin board. I like to use those lists to help me “pour out my bucket”. I like to use those lists of things to pour into my marriage, home and others. Fall is a great time to entertain!


  7. Fun list!! I am hoping to make and share pumpkin treats, pick apples at an orchard, visit a pumpkin patch, get family pictures taken and make some new football food recipes for game day. I love your list and that you’re thinking ahead. I need to get busy and make our list so we can squeeze as much fun as possible out of Fall. I’m ready to pull out my scarves!


  8. I too am beginning to think of Christmas and getting started with my shopping! I like your idea of taking treats to your work friends. When our children were in school, I took treats to the teachers lounge once a month. It was a small Christian school and I wanted to show how much I appreciated their sacrifice. And do go see your grandparents. As a grandparent, I hope my grands will always want to go see Nana.


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