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Three Things I’m Making More Time For In 2016

Making New Year’s Resolutions is never something I do on purpose. I don’t make up something I think I need to do just because it’s January. Resolutions have to be organic – and it just so happens that my schedule has changed in the last few weeks, making me re-think how I spend my time. This is a very exciting change for me, but I want to be wise with the extra few hours in my week. Here are three things I’m making more time for in 2016:

3 things I'm making more time for in 2016

1. Playing the Piano

I’ve been playing the piano since I was seven, but I haven’t played regularly in quite a few years. I’ve lost a lot of my ability over the years and really want to get into the habit of playing so I can regain some of what I’ve lost! My plan is to choose an arrangement that I want to learn and work on that a little bit each week until it’s mastered. The first one will be an accompaniment for a song Paul wants to sing at our church. 

2. Routine Cleaning Tasks

Cleaning my house on a weekly basis is not something I struggle with. I like having the furniture dusted, the floors mopped and the carpets vacuumed. I don’t let clutter accumulate in our main living areas and try to stay on top of my organizing projects. However, there are deep cleaning projects I want to put on a schedule – things like cleaning out the fridge, washing windows and cleaning the blinds. You might have heard this called “zone cleaning.” I’m working on listing those tasks and putting them on a schedule. Once I have a system in place I’ll share it here!

to do list

3. Intentional Friendships

You know how you say, “We should get together soon!” and then it never happens? I’m so guilty of doing this with my friends. I’m making a goal this year to be more intentional about face to face time with the women in my life. Being a major homebody and an introvert, this will probably be the hardest challenge of the three!

Have you made goals for 2016? 

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28 thoughts on “Three Things I’m Making More Time For In 2016

  1. I agree that the resolutions are something that should come naturally on mind and are not something that needs to be done just because it is January. I also want to improve my cleaning routines and plan better my housekeeping chores because I often can’t do all that needs to be done. You have a really nice list! Making more international friendship and playing the piano are really fun and interesting things that can enrich your life! Good luck!


  2. Wonderful goals! It is great to be intentional about using our time wisely. I am slowly learning how to do that. Ha ha. I am excited to read about your zone cleaning!


  3. Great goals for the new year!! I only took piano for a few years and was terrible at it. Keep practicing and I bet your skills will come right back to you and I bet Paul would be proud to have you playing his song in church. Good luck with the other goals. I agree that it’s tricky to find a good routine for bigger projects like those you mentioned. Happy New Year 🙂


  4. I was just thinking that I needed to get my clarinet out again. I used to play it in our church orchestra right up until I had my son. I haven’t touched it since then, almost 2 years ago! I hope you enjoy playing the piano more!


  5. Whitney, I love your 3 things! I play piano too, and honestly, I need to work it in my schedule instead of just showing up for church practice and winging it each week!
    I also like your cleaning idea, that’s a good one – also something I need to do.
    And I’m intentionally planning to be more hospitable this year (started with New Year’s Eve and a houseful)!
    Thank you for joining us for Tuesday Talk, be sure to come back next week!


  6. Those are some good goals Whitney. I was deep cleaning some cabinets yesterday and found some shampoo I had put there over a year ago and I had forgotten about it. ( I had a bunch of other things in front of it!) I have tried to be more intentional in lots of areas. I guess I am the Networker in my group of friends. I am usually the one who emails to remind people of lunch dates etc. And it is true, if you keep saying let’s do lunch without pinning down a date, you will never do it. I am glad you have a few extra hours to do the things you enjoy doing as well as the necessary things.( Truly who enjoys cleaning blinds?lol0


  7. Hey Whitney, thanks for sharing! And Happy New Year!

    Definitely useful to put tasks on a schedule. Sometimes a big wall calendar can help with that. Set some time aside to plan out the next few months of chores/hobbies/workouts and then stick to it. I find I’m much more focussed if I do that 🙂

    If you were looking for a few more ideas related to healthy living and making positive changes – I recently published an article on the Fifty Golden Rules of Forming Healthy Habits.

    It contains tips and ideas from some of the industries experts (and it’s pretty long at nearly 7000 words).

    Feel free to check it out – would love to hear your thoughts on it!

    Have a great day!


  8. Great list! I love that you put intentional time with friends on your list. This is a big passion of mine. I know you are a homebody, but that doesn’t have to get in the way! I’m homebound with my kids a lot, and I’ve found that inviting people into my home for coffee or tea is not only cozy but really helps foster those special conversations of the heart :-).

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