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High Five For Friday, Pancakes and 85% Clearance!

1// Made from scratch chocolate chip pancakes. Yum. I made a big batch of these on Tuesday and they were delicious! Whipped cream is mandatory with chocolate chip pancakes.


2// Dollar General clearance. I stopped at Dollar General for something else, but came out with an amazing Christmas clearance haul! Their holiday merchandise was marked at 70% off, but it rang up more like 85%. Works for me! I got all this for $1.65 (after tax)!

dollar general clearance

3// Fun times with Paul. Due to my old work schedule, I didn’t get to attend any basketball games that Paul officiated last season. This week I got to come along and watch him referee a few high school games – it was fun to see him out there again!

ball game

4// Winter weather, finally! We had some cold days this week, so I finally got to wear some of my winter clothes (like the scarf in the picture above). It’s so nice to get a break from the humidity, even for just a few days. Peggy just uses it as an excuse to snuggle on her favorite blanket.

Peggy and Rug

5// My new living room rug. I’m loving the new feel my living room has – thanks to my new area rug! You can see it in the picture above. Our walls are painted in a neutral with some brown/yellow undertones – I was worried the rug would clash – but the gray rug really warms up the room and makes it feel a little more serene.

That’s it for me! Have a lovely weekend!

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20 thoughts on “High Five For Friday, Pancakes and 85% Clearance!

  1. Great deal on the clearance items! We finally had some cooler weather here too, so I’ve been wearing my scarves every chance I get. 🙂 The basket ball games sound like fun!


  2. Those pancakes look delicious! I want pancakes, now. Ha ha. You really got a great deal on those Christmas items! Enjoy your cooler weather! Have a great weekend!


  3. Great Christmas clearance finds! I’m glad you ended up finding a few things and at that discount it’s hard to pass up cute things. Your pancakes look delicious. I always like to make extra, refrigerate them and then enjoy them for a few days. Hope you’re having a great week and enjoying getting to hang out at Paul’s events.


  4. I love DG holiday clearance! I really racked up for Friendsgiving since I had it after Thanksgiving. My kiddos love some chocolate chip pancakes too! Yay for hubby time! Happy weekend!


  5. That new rug is gorgeous. As a young wife and mom in the 80s, I had to get over the old style of matchy matchy. It really took me a while to tell myself that it is more interesting when things coordinate rather than match. So glad you can go to those ball games. After about 15 years of not going to high school ball games I am sort of missing them. Our kids traveled all over Alabama playing other Christian School teams from November to February. What a good deal at the DG. I love those birdies. I picked up a necklace on sale at Cracker Barrel yesterday but their Christmas things were pretty picked over. They are all about Valentines Day right now. Have a good weekend!!


  6. Good finds at Dollar General! I was back home for the holidays and enjoyed a couple trips to DG. Ours just didn’t have much to clearance this year. Miss DG up north! Love you can go to Paul’s games. My son umpired high school baseball in college and I always disliked when they yell at the call! My husband has coached and I felt the same when they commented on the plays! Enjoy!


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