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Planner Love: What I’m Using

Planner Love What I'm Using

I truly think that planners and to-do lists make life so much easier! Yesterday I heard someone say that there’s no way we can remember everything that we need to keep in our brains, which is why planning and list-making is essential for reducing stress and getting stuff done.

In the video below I’ll share the three planning systems that I’m loving right now. I hope it will inspire you to find a planner that works for you!

Here are the products I mentioned:

What is your favorite style of planner?

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26 thoughts on “Planner Love: What I’m Using

  1. I like your planner system! I used to have one of those weekly things from Vera Bradley and it was handy (I probably still have it somewhere). I’m using the new Lilly Pulitzer planner that came out this year. It’s large but it doesn’t have the spirals on the side. I really like it because it has all the months at the very beginning of the planner, laid out over 2 pages, and then it has the months separately, each with another 2-page layout followed by the weekly pages. I use the front part for blog stuff and the back part for work and other stuff.



  2. I still haven’t picked out my planner. I think I want to get the Erin Condren one again, but I really like making my own, but that is way too time consuming. Meanwhile the year is passing me by and with no planner I may start to panic lol. Great post


  3. You know I have been a planner hoarder the last several months! I could probably make just about any planner work for me, but I am really enjoying the personal size Filofax with Sew Much Crafting inserts. It’s been a nice change from the Erin Condren planner. I am really enjoying the Sugar Page notes version for blog/YouTube planning this year.


  4. I love a planner on paper! I just can’t seem to adapt to my phone calendar. I also like to keep my planners from years back and go thru them. My favorite is a freebie I get from our trash company or the hair stylist!!! It’s a certain one I have used for years and I love how it works for me. It’s called Pocket Pal by Myron Corp. I also keep a paper pad in my purse. Always need paper!!!


  5. I have the same kind of planner book you have with the magnetic closure. It works great for me, too. I still miss and long for the Priority Planner from Linda Dillow, but it’s no longer in print. It was perfect for my lifestyle. Oh well. I don’t have time to cry over it…how do I know that? It’s not sceduled in my planner! Ha.


    1. You are the one who found that planner for me at Burke’s in Winchester. Haha – that was nice of you. πŸ™‚ I remember your Priority Planner and always loved looking to see what was planned for supper. πŸ™‚


  6. Very helpful post, Whitney! I don’t, at this point in time, have a planner as such, but I do lots of planning. I’ve designed my own weekly planner pages (with spaces for categories of spiritual, health, home/family, and ministry activities) that work really well for me, and I make a time schedule for each day just using simple note pads — the long type that are used for shopping lists. When planning blog posts, I will often just print out a monthly calendar page and fill the pages with post ideas.

    Many years ago, I had a planner someone gave me called The Fruit of Her Hands daily planner. I liked it so much because it incorporated spiritual goals and had a place for a memory verse, etc. I actually filled it out in pencil so I could erase it and use it again! I’ve never found another one like it. The one you showed from Burkes Outlet looked a little bit similar. I will have to look in Marshalls or someplace like that and see if I can find a similar one to yours.


  7. Great post! I love my planner! I have a Kate Spade planner for the house and I use my phone when I am out and about. πŸ™‚


  8. Well just have to brag that I am still using my Ross three dollar day timer on my kitchen counter. I resisted the Erin Condren that was really calling my name. But honestly…$50 for a planner when I can find them much cheaper at Ross, TJ Maxx etc. I really do not have a lot I have to keep up with these days!!lol I also use one of the Target notebooks in my purse for the same reasons you have one. I did pick up a pretty turquoise daily planner that is purse size and I carry it with me as well. I find it helps to keep me on track. As to the notebooks, how many times do I have someone ask if I have a piece of paper they can borrow? Most people keep everything on their phones now but a piece of paper is necessary! Loved this post!!


  9. I the two planners you showed were really cute and I can see they would be really helpful. I use the notes app on my iPhone. That way I don’t have to carry notepads.


  10. Love it! I’m always in awe of people who say they don’t use planners because my life would be chaos without mine. I write down everything in it! My new planner is up and running for 2016 and it feels so good πŸ™‚


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