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Is It Possible To Save Real Money On Groceries?

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It feels so good to be back with a successful grocery haul this week! I finished out 2015 with a load of fun grocery deals, including marked down produce and turkey meatballs for $.67! Each week I use Southern Savers to find the best grocery deals, make my grocery list and to track my weekly savings. During 2015, I shopped at Ingles a total of 40 times (the other weeks I shopped at Costco or Aldi). I spent $2,270 total at Ingles last year – but I saved $1,400, which is like getting $3,660 worth of groceries for that price! That’s a savings of 38%. I shoot for 40% savings every week, but last year was pretty crazy and I didn’t always have time or energy to hunt the deals the way I would like, so I’m happy with my success!

If you want to learn to save on your weekly grocery budget, click here to see my strategy. It has consistently saved us at least $1,000 every year – just for a family of two! I truly believe that it’s possible to save REAL money on groceries!

On The Menu 


  • Cheese Grits
  • Toast with Peanut Butter
  • Eggs & Bacon


  • Chicken Tenders
  • Pizza
  • Leftovers



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12 thoughts on “Is It Possible To Save Real Money On Groceries?

  1. What a savings accomplishment!! That’s a pretty huge number so bravo to you and your couponing/saving skills. It’s fun that you keep close track of details like that and I bet it’s really motivating to make you keep saving this year.


  2. Way to go, Whitney! I watched your grocery haul on YouTube; you got some amazing deals! Our local supermarket doesn’t mark down produce, bakery items, etc. Mostly one finds markdowns on meat, which we don’t buy that much of. I am going to take a closer look at your grocery shopping tips as I need all the help I can get. I grocery shop for two households — our own and my elderly dad — so it can be challenging and exhausting.


  3. Awesome, Whitney! I love your posts on grocery budgets. We have saved so much money on groceries ever since I have followed your tips! Thank you, my friend!


  4. Great haul Whitney. I sure do wish we had an Ingles nearby but we do not. As this will be my last year to have a bigger budget, I am going to try to start living on what we anticipate our retirement budget to be. I know it will be a change but I am going to look at it as a game, to find the best prices!!


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