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High Five For 2015!

Happy 2016! It’s time to wrap up the past year as I always do, H54F style! I have a few top five lists of the things that were the “bests” from 2015, so here’s to 2015!
High Five For 2015

Five Of My Favorite Things About 2015 (in no particular order):

  1. Meeting blog friends in real life!
  2. Starting my YouTube channel
  3. Celebrating our 5th anniversary at Walt Disney World!
  4. Watching Friends all the way through the series. Yes. This was a big part of my year. Ha.
  5. Seeing God answer prayer and do incredible things in my life!

Top Five Most Popular Posts From 2015:

  1. 5 things I do every day to keep my house clean
  2. The consequences of laziness
  3. Kate Middleton and having it all together
  4. Baking pie with Francine Bryson
  5. Tips for shopping at Aldi

Top Five Most Popular YouTube Videos From 2015:

  1. Disney World Haul
  2. $5 Goodwill Challenge (Christmas Edition)
  3. Pre-Disney World Haul
  4. What to Buy At Aldi
  5. Laundry Room Tour

Since there’s no app for #2015bestfive, here are my top 9 most liked Instas!

Thank you so much for your part in my year! I love connecting with you here and look forward to getting to know more of you in 2016! 🙂  

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21 thoughts on “High Five For 2015!

  1. Congratulations on a great year! I’m so glad to have “met” you in 2015. I really enjoy your blog and YT videos. Happy New Year!


  2. Wonderful idea for a post! It’s always nice looking back at the year as a whole. I love that pic of us–so nice to meet you IRL and looking forward to seeing you at some point this year!!! Happy New Year, friend!!! And seeing God move and answer prayers IS amazing. One thing I will share–I got a 5% paycut (it was company-wide) this August. I was devastated, but I prayed about it. . .it was either the next day or the day after that, but Chauncey got a raise that covered my 5% cut and then some! God always provides, even when it’s not how we think he will.



  3. Happy New Year!! I am so glad we are bloggy friends. And If I get to NC this year, you are at the top of my list of people to see! I am going a give away so go over to my blog and leave a comment. I am hoping to do a give away on the first day of each month this year as a thank you to my readers.


  4. I’ve enjoyed the walk through 2015 with your blog and seeing the things you are involved in. My wishes for you in the New Year are for health, happiness and a happy life in the Lord


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