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High Five For 2014!

I can’t say goodbye to 2014 without giving it a big old High Five! Before I do that, here’s a little collage of some of my favorite Instagram moments from the past year (in chronological order, of course):

2014 year in review Come Home For Comfort

And now, my favorite things from 2014:

1.  Alli’s wedding! Watching my little sister grow up, graduate from college and become a wife has given me such joy. It’s so fun to finally be in the same stage of life! Being seven years apart, we’ve always been friends, but now we can chat about our lives as wives and homemakers. I treasure the relationship we have!

2. My summer at home. I got to spend five months as a stay-at-home wife, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I loved having an at-home routine and was able to accomplish so much organizing and blogging!

3. Visiting the town where I grew up. Traveling to that small Midwest town made me remember the things I desired as a child and teenager – and helped me realize how many of those desires have been fulfilled! God has been so good to me!

4. Spending time with family. I was able to spend more time with my family this year than I have in a long time! I’m glad my parents and sister live close enough for quick weekend trips.

5. Fun blogging opportunities! 2014 gave me the chance to offer giveaways from a few different businesses, and I got to write a few posts for MattandShari.com – my favorite HGTV hosts of all time! The best part of blogging is connecting with people, and I’ve gotten to know so many sweet people this year! (Whitney, Katie, Arlene, Ashley and Brenda to name a few!) No matter how often you comment or how well we know each other, I’m so thankful for every one of my readers! Thank you for making 2014 a fun blogging year!  

God’s faithfulness to His promises in 2014 gives me hope for 2015!

“Blessed is she who believed that there would be a fulfillment of what was spoken to her from the Lord.”

Luke 1:45

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8 thoughts on “High Five For 2014!

  1. I love that your cats made it into the highlights of the year 🙂 A family filled year is always a good one. So glad you got to do so much with your family and make tons of memories. I enjoy your blog so much and am thankful to have found you this year. Keep the recipes, organizational tips and positivity coming in 2015!! You are a gem 🙂


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