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Kate Middleton And Having It All Together

Kate Middleton and Having It All Together via ComeHomeForComfort.com

My reaction to Kate Middleton’s stunning appearance 10 hours after giving birth is a little different than most. While my social media feeds rolled with comments in absolute disdain of the idea that someone would look so lovely in her condition, I found motivation from the photos. I read blog posts that assured women it’s okay to look frumpy if that’s what you need to do in order to keep your sanity, since we certainly aren’t the Dutchess of Cambridge. I found her appearance inspirational – and chose a cute dress and jacket to wear while running errands on Saturday.

It seems that the reaction of dismay, disdain and even a little disgust has become typical anytime a woman observes another woman who appears to have it all together. We decide that we shouldn’t compare ourselves to those women and turn to our friends for reassurance that the way we live our lives is fine.

Let’s look at the women who “have it all together” in a different light for a minute.

1. Comparison is the thief of joy, but there’s nothing wrong with trying to be your best.

I don’t have the resources to appear anywhere in a pair of Jimmy Choo heels like Kate’s. I’m okay with that. But I am capable of choosing an outfit that is flattering, fixing my hair and makeup and putting on some lipstick each day. My house is not spotless, but I really try to keep on top of the housework. I set a weekly cleaning routine and make myself do what needs to be done! Doing something is always better than doing nothing.

If you are someone who tries to keep it all together, take pride in your efforts! I’ve been laughed at more than once for re-applying lipstick (“oh, you look fine…” is usually what they say) or choosing to stay home and do chores instead of attending a social function. I can’t allow people’s opinions or their personal standards to keep me from doing what I think is right.

2. Women who “have it all together” probably don’t, but they work hard for what they accomplish.

Seek to enrich your life by spending time with or studying excellent women! The first woman that comes to my mind is the one praised in Proverbs 31. She seems like she has it all together – she gets up early (v.15), stays up late (v.18), spends her day looking after the needs of others (v.27) and still manages to be kind (v.26). I know that’s not something that can be said of me on the daily. I want to be like that, though – so I ask God to help me become more like her!

Is there someone in your life that you could learn from? Maybe it’s your pastor’s wife, an older woman at church or even a co-worker. They might seem to have it all together – chances are, they don’t – but they probably have some wisdom and practical advice to offer.

I don’t mean to say that we should all try to live like we’re the Dutchess of Cambridge. I just want to encourage all of us (myself included) to be our best and to learn from people who are better at things than we are.  Of course if you want to put on a yellow apron and pretend to be HRH, I won’t judge you. 🙂

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26 thoughts on “Kate Middleton And Having It All Together

  1. I thought she looked amazing too! And seriously, after having her first, people were constantly commenting on her “baby belly” and I hated that, she JUST had a baby and she looked wonderful. I like that she chose a dress that look stunning on her without having to have people commenting on her body like the last time.

    That being said, I do feel a little sad for her in the aspect that she HAD to do this instead of spending those 10 hours getting to know her daughter like we would get to. She knew that’s what would need to be done, but those first few hours are such a bonding experience and she had to worry about getting ready for people to stare at her.


  2. I SO agree with this! And I loved that dress!!! It was adorable. Can you imagine how shocked everyone would have been if she came out in a bathrobe? I doubt she was all excited to get dolled up and wear high heels, even if it was for a few minutes, so soon after giving birth, but you do what you have to do!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea


  3. This post is perfect 🙂 Princess Kate can do no wrong in my book and I think she’s very inspiring. I love that she planned ahead to have a sweet dress special made for this big moment, that she had her team ready and waiting with a plan and that she cared about putting her best foot forward. I think that it’s important to be your best self and not play the comparison game. I liked how you said to use others to motivate yourself rather than compete with them. I know I feel best when I take the time to take care of myself, plan ahead and put thought into what the day holds. I think I’m the best wife & mother when I do those things. I really love the Proverbs 31 mission and everything it stands for. I don’t strive for perfection because that would leave me feeling defeated, but I do always try to be the best version of me.


  4. I totally agree! I love your perspective & encouragement. I think she looks lovely (as always) and I don’t think that’s a bad thing! Or that anyone else should be offended by her looking lovely for the 10 minutes she was leaving the hospital, especially knowing the whole country (& the world) would be watching her. It’s not like she was dressed to the nines for the first time 10 hours after giving birth, this is her normal attire and presentation. And it’s okay if it’s not the same as mine.


    1. Good point, Christina! That is normal for her to dress like that…which makes me wonder if making certain things your “normal” will help them actually happen when life gets crazy. Hmm…. 🙂


  5. Whitney, I love this post! I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. That’s part of why I love IG so much–I really like drawing inspiration from others. My life tends to be a hot mess and I struggle to keep it together because I juggle too much, but we can still draw inspiration and do little things to make ourselves feel better.


    1. Yes! That’s why I love Instagram too! There’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things. We are all hot messes at some point in the week…as long as we don’t accept that as our best, we’re doing great! 🙂


  6. I so agree! Women (and men too) often judge other women for having it all together or for not having it together enough! I’m sure there would be a lot of negative talk if she had no makeup on, a messy ponytail, and sweats. It’s a no-win situation.



  7. So happy to find your blog through the link up! I’m not a mother so I realize I don’t have the necessary perspective to analyze the situation. But I honestly feel kind of sad for her. That perhaps she’s pressured to put on this front and rushed to display herself and newborn baby. I’d imagine she’d much rather be lounging in her robe enjoying this precious time.


    1. Thanks for visiting me, Brittany! I’m sure she’s spent plenty of time in her comfy clothes since then! 🙂 I’m not a mom either, but I decided that if she can walk out looking that good after giving birth, I can try to look nice when I’m out running errands on the weekend. She inspires me. 🙂


  8. I agree Whitney. I have always admired Kate and her style. Of course she has people to help her as she is a royal but she seems to take good care of herself and leads a healthy lifestyle. When I went home with my babies, I had my hair done and a nice outfit to wear home. It was an exciting special time. As a wise person once told me, You make time for the things that are important to you!


  9. I hadn’t heard of the reaction so I looked up a quick clip on ABC…Wow! This issue just really gets me, and you addressed it so gracefully.
    First of all, if I was a new mom and knew that the second I walked out of the hospital I’d be greeted by hundreds of people live, and then thousands of people via social media and reporters, you BET I’d have done my hair, makeup and chosen a great outfit. I find it so sad that so many women sit behind a computer and judge the efforts of other woman who attempt to present themselves well in the spotlight.

    I’ve had an issue with this same theme personally, too. We woman are so critical of each other! I’ve found it hurtful that women in my close circle look at the things that I pour my heart into and work tirelessly on, and judge and criticize. None of us have the exact same list of priorities. So why are we so jealous and critical of the good outcomes that are a result of other’s hard work they pour into theirs?

    Well said Whitney, and I loved your apron. I have a pink one just like it. And I’m a serial lipstick refresher 😉 .


    1. So many good points, Bekah. I applaud her efforts for looking good in the spotlight. It’s classy and I wish more Americans were like that. Ahem.
      You’re right that we don’t all have the same priorities. That’s a great point and one I need to consider more often!
      Lipstick refreshers unite! 🙂


  10. This was GREAT! You know why, because first of all, she is a princess and she has staff that help her I’m sure pull it all together. Nannies, press secretaries, nurses, etc. Why, because she represents a nation and so what if she is looking together. I think those that have some negative comments on her or other women just having a baby are jealous or have some issues with women looking good no matter. It is so refreshing to have someone write about positive things about another woman. And remember everyone, it is the media – don’t believe everything you see. For the 30 second clip we see, I’m sure the other 23 12 hours of the day she is looking like the rest of us – privately! Well done by fellow blogger! Whew – I’m roaring this morning!!


    1. Hey Michelle, thanks for visiting me today! 🙂 I agree, a lot of the ugly comments come from jealousy. And yeah, I hope she did get to spend some of this week in some really comfy clothes. 🙂


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