Do Something

What do you do when you’re completely overwhelmed by a task?

Doing Something Is Always Better Than Doing Nothing Come Home For Comfort

Last week I experienced several days of pounding headaches – due to the extreme heat and high barometric pressure that accompanies this time of year. I felt good as long as I was sitting perfectly still. There’s not a lot of housework that can be done while sitting still…so after a few days, my house was pretty dirty and cluttered. Toward the end of the week I started to feel better, but wasn’t back to 100%. I looked around at my dirty house and was overwhelmed at the sight! I didn’t feel up to my weekly two hour cleaning routine and was tempted to plop back down on the couch for another episode of Castle (gotta review before the new season!). But I didn’t. 

I decided to pick one task that didn’t require much effort. Doing something is always better than doing nothing. I swept the hardwood and kitchen floors. That one task made such a difference in the way the house looked that I was motivated to keep going! I then emptied the bathroom trash cans and wiped down the sinks and mirrors in both bathrooms.

Those few tasks only took a few minutes, but made a huge impact in the appearance of my home and in the way I felt.

If you are overwhelmed by a task – whether it’s a dirty house, a cluttered space, a remodeling project, whatever – do something. In the doing, you just mind find motivation to keep doing what you need to do!

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