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Observations In The Aftermath of #LillyForTarget

If you’ve been on social media or anywhere in blogland in the last several days, you’ve heard about the #LillyForTarget drama. I don’t have anything against those who shopped the launch online or in store, although I hope you minded your manners while doing so. πŸ™‚ Lilly Pulitzer isn’t that appealing to me so the hype didn’t really piqueΒ my interest. If Kate Spade ever launches a Target line I’m sure I’d be all over that, so no judging here!

The hype and the fallout did make me think – and when I think about something for more than a few seconds it usually ends up turning intoΒ a blog post. πŸ™‚

Β Observations In The Aftermath of Lilly For Target via ComeHomeForComfort.com

1. You can do the things you put your mind to doing.

If you can get up early on the weekend, stand in the freezing cold rain for an hour and fight viciously determined women for the last sheath dress on the rack…you can get up and start laundry, put dishes away and pick up clutter again before going to bed. You can!

2. Life is not fair.

You got up early on the weekend, stood in the freezing cold rain for an hour and still didn’t leave Target with the items on your Lilly list. Life just isn’t fair. You can whine and feel cheated out of the things you feel you deserve, or you can decide to make the best of it. I saw lots of post-shopping pancake and doughnut breakfast Instagrams – when you don’t get what you want from #LillyForTarget, you go out for breakfast! πŸ™‚ We can’t control what happens to us, but we can control how we respond to those things.

3. People are mean.

Within hours of Target’s sell-out, items just purchased in-store appeared all over eBay with incredible markups. Say what you will, that’s pretty greedy and mean in my opinion. (Yes, I know it’s a free country and they can do what they want.) The older I get, the more I realize that lots of people in the world are just mean. That’s why it’s important for us to make our homes into safe havens away from the meanness of the world.

Anyway…if you got some Lilly loot, enjoy it! If not, have a doughnut and wait for the next crazy Target scheme! πŸ™‚

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19 thoughts on “Observations In The Aftermath of #LillyForTarget

  1. Love #1! The aftermath of this whole experience was just wild. I basically turned right around and walked out when I saw how nuts it was in my Target after the store being opened a few minutes! Just too intense for me!! HA! But it was entertaining watching Twitter.


  2. We definitely make time for the things we want to! So so true! I must live under a rock bc I didn’t even know what Lilly was at first before this week! Thanks for sharing this at Tues Talk!


  3. 4. There are real problems in the world. I totally online shopped and got through before the site crashed, but I would not have freaked like some of these people if I didn’t.


  4. Love this post. So good. I was one of the #lillyfortarget fails. I got there at 8:30 due to my own simple, naive mind…lol…. I was shocked to be told the racks were cleared out by 8:03. I had to drag my 6 and 4 yr old boys along with me, and after wandering aimlessly through the junior’s section feeling a little dazed, they brought my attention to an Avengers tshirt. In my size. They begged me to get it. So I went there in search of pretty and girly things, and I walked out with a super hero shirt for myself. Such is the life of a boy mom. So typical. Lol.


    1. Ha! It sounds like you did a pretty good job of making the best of it. And what little boy doesn’t want a mom who wears Avengers t-shirts? πŸ™‚ You might have had a #lillyfail, but not a mom fail! Thanks for taking time to share with me!

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  5. So true!! I heard all kinds of stories and I love your tips. You can control your behavior and how you react to things. My favorite stories were of people helping each other out – looking for sizes, sharing in the fitting rooms and trading things on-line. Oh and I’d LOVE to see a Kate Spade/Target collaboration. I loved the one they did with GAP at the holidays πŸ™‚


  6. I agree Whitney…I like Lily P things but not enough to camp out at Target. And if they had Kate Spade or Dooney and Bourke at Target, I would be right there with you.lol I am finding that since I purchased a Fit Bit, I am more active. I think he made me aware of how much time I was wasting sitting on the sofa!:)Now if I am watching tv, I try to get up during commercials and do a chore etc. We make time for the things we want to do that is for sure and certain!!


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