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Is Your Home A Safe Place?

Is your home a safe place via ComeHomeForComfort.com

I’m not talking about whether or not you have an ADT security system. I’m not asking if you have outlet plugs or baby gates at the top of your stairs. I’m not talking about the crime rate in your neighborhood.

Is your home a place where your family is safe from the criticism, bullying, comparison and general meanness that is so common in today’s society? 

Recently I got in my car and headed toward a day filled with people who I knew would be arguing, bullying and subsequently, getting their feelings hurt (these people are not in my family, thankfully). Needing some comfort to face the day, I turned on a CD of congregational hymn-singing. As soon as the car was filled with the voices of hundreds singing the familiar words of an old hymn, tears sprang to my eyes. I felt suddenly at peace – I felt safe.

What made me feel this way? The voices on the CD brought back a sweet memory from college. There aren’t very many of those – college dorm life was a pretty traumatic time for this home body! But once a day I walked into a chapel service where we opened our hymnals, and with thousands of others, sang in perfect 4-part harmony the promises of God. For a few moments each day, I was safe. I was in no danger of breaking a rule, failing a test or making a roommate mad with my desire for a clean living space.

That’s the kind of feeling I want to cultivate in my home. No matter what stressful or hateful situations happen outside the home, inside should be a haven for my family. I’m exponentially grateful to have grown up in a home that was and continues to be this way. While there were rules and expectations for behavior, it was a warm and loving home where hateful words were almost never spoken. Could that be said of your home? If not, don’t despair! As a wife or mother, you have the greatest ability to change the environment in your home. Here are some practical ideas for doing so:

What steps have you taken to make your home a safe haven?

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13 thoughts on “Is Your Home A Safe Place?

  1. What a sweet concept. I love the idea of making your home a safe haven and a place where you can really relax. I also think it’s important to make others feel welcome and comfortable. I feel best when my home is tidy, bright, cheery, decorated with love and a treat of some sort ready to share. Your home sounds lovely 🙂


  2. One thing I routinely do, especially when I’m inviting others over, is to pray the fruit of the spirit over my home. I want my home to be a place of refuge not only for me and my family, but for everyone who enters our doors. That, and clean countertops help me fill my home with love, joy and peace ;-).


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