Come Home for Supper

In my opinion, one of the greatest comforts of home is the supper table. It’s important to take every chance you have to gather your family around your table for a meal. Our lives are so busy, but there’s something about a family eating a meal together in the quietness of your home (is it just me, or are restaurants getting louder and louder? It’s impossible to have a conversation!). I love this quote from Christy Jordan’s new cookbook:

“Because, at the end of the day, the supper table is where we teach our families where they came from and they let us know where they hope to go. Values, heritage, history, dreams, and encouragement are passed around with the serving platters and roots grow a little deeper with each bite. We may have high hopes and aspirations when we set off into the world each morning, but if you really want to make the world a better place, end the day by coming home to supper.”

Suppertime at home does require a little work, but it is possible! Here’s a simple menu I served to my family on a recent Friday night:

Come Home For Comfort Simple SupperThe smothered steak is from Christy Jordan’s new cookbook, so if you want that recipe you’ll have to buy her book! It’s a great crock pot recipe that is perfect for weeknights. The sauce makes a scrumptious gravy for mashed potatoes or rice. The muffins I served are the Ingles brand of the Martha White muffin mix. I love to stock up on those when they are on sale for $1. This meal took about 30 minutes to put on the table. Who wouldn’t want to sit down to supper with these sweet faces?

Come Home For Comfort Supper
Clockwise from the left: my sister, her fiance’ and my husband

When was the last time your family sat down together for a meal?


5 thoughts on “Come Home for Supper

  1. I guess my situation is ususal, but I grew up with having our family at home around the table at supper, and I raised our family that way. We always had supper together with a homecooked meal. I still do that, even though we are elderly and there is just the two of us, what better company than your family?


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