Time Management

Control What You Can

I heard something at the Becoming Conference that filled me with hope and motivation.

Control the things you can control, so you can cope with the things you can’t control.

-Barbara Hemphill

There have been so many times that I’ve mumbled (or shouted) in desperation, “I quit! I can’t keep this house clean if you people won’t help me!” Or “Why do I even bother to organize this stuff if you won’t put things back where they go?!”

We’ve all been there.

What can I control? I can control the tasks for which I’m responsible. I can put my clothes away in the closet. I can fold the load of laundry I put in the dryer. I can put my dishes in the dishwasher – even if no one else in the house does. And guess what? The people in your house just might follow your lead!

I’ve found that taking a step to control what I can control is also a step toward making a place where I can come home for comfort.

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13 thoughts on “Control What You Can

  1. I definitely needed these thoughts today! Pressures all around can make me want to curl up and ignore – but doing my tiny part to set *something* right would be a better choice with happier results. My goal for the afternoon: control the things I *can*. Thanks, Whitney!


  2. Whitney u are so right, I for one have murmured these exact words more times than I care to remember. Thank you for your message today.


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