Time Management

A Simple Way To Reduce Morning Chaos!

Each week I’ll bring you a simple tip that will reduce the stress and chaos of a typical morning. Keep reading for today’s tip!

Tip #1: Lay out your entire outfit the night before.


Prepare everything you plan to wear: clothes, shoes, accessories, and underwear. How many times have you dug through the drawer in a desperate hunt for your white tank top, only to remember (5 minutes later) that it’s in the laundry?

If you choose an outfit you haven’t worn before, or an outfit you haven’t worn in a while,  it’s a good idea to try it on the night before. My clothes don’t always fit the way they did 2 months ago…you know?

This tip is not just for those who spend their days outside of the home. As a homeschooler, my mom required that we prepare our clothes the night before, so that we were not late for our set school starting time. Teaching your children the importance of being ready on time will only help them be successful as adults. 

Here’s to a stress-free, comforting morning!

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18 thoughts on “A Simple Way To Reduce Morning Chaos!

    1. I agree with you and Linda G! After working for 30 years I found it allowed my morning routine to run much smoother. That way I could actually enjoy my cup of coffee or allow more time for hair and make-up!


  1. I might have you guest post on my blog; I’m planning on writing a post about outfit planning ahead of time. It’s so helpful!


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