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9 Things You Can Do Today To Make Your Life Easier

Wouldn’t we all love it if life were easier? Life can be so busy, complicated and unpredictable, can’t it? I don’t have a magic wand that will make all the difficulties disappear, but I do have some tips for you. Check out the list below with 9 things you can do today to make life easier. Pick one or two that you aren’t already doing and give them a try!

9 Things You Can Do Today To Make Your Life Easier - Come Home For Comfort

  1. Plan for delays – add a few minutes to your travel time to accommodate for red lights, traffic jams and construction.
  2. Lay out your clothes the night before you plan to wear them.
  3. Bring a drink and/or a snack when running errands (this isn’t just for children – adults need a pick me up too!).
  4. Create a walking pharmacy for your purse.
  5. Use the bathroom before heading out the door.
  6. Pack lunchboxes the night before.
  7. Stock your pantry with a few shelf stable mealsΒ for quick supper solutions when there’s “nothing to eat in this house!”
  8. When baking, double the recipe and freeze the extras for quick breakfasts or last minute desserts.
  9. Schedule 5 minutes before bedtime to clean up the clutter around the house (put toys away, clean off the kitchen counter, etc.).

I realize that these aren’t ground breaking ideas. πŸ™‚ Some of them require a little work – but doing work ahead usually saves time and energy in the end.

How do you simplify your life?

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7 thoughts on “9 Things You Can Do Today To Make Your Life Easier

  1. I am a big fan of laying out my clothes the night before, packing a snack when we leave the house and tidying up the house before I go to bed. I also like to make a to do list at night for the following day so I’ll be able to hit the ground running and talk to my husband about our plans for the following day. It give us both things to look forward to as we head to bed.


  2. I keep an online document of the meals I’m planning to cook. Then whenever I need inspiration, the meals I’ve already made are listed there, too.


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