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Add Some Comfort To Your Morning! (Tip #2)

Each week I’ll bring you a simple tip that will reduce the stress and chaos of a typical morning. Keep reading for today’s tip!

Tip #2: Pack your lunch the night before

This applies whether you pack lunches for your kids, your spouse or yourself!

My sister has to leave very early for work a couple times during the week. She’s very organized and is a great model of this week’s stress-free morning tip! I eat breakfast and lunch at work, so I pack both the night before.

Here are three things that I’ve found to be helpful with getting my food ready to go:

  • A fun, functional lunch bag. I got mine (similar) at Big Lots for around $6 .
  • A variety of food storage options: sandwich bags, Tupperware, microwave safe tubs (these are especially helpful if you take leftovers for lunch).
  • A plan. 

The plan is whatever system you set in place that works for you and/or  your family. You might want to let the kids assemble their own lunches. It might work to pack your lunch immediately following supper clean-up, while you’re still in “food mode.” I am in love with this idea – a basket in the fridge that is your one stop for lunch prep! Be sure to check out the post (link below) for all the details. Awesome idea. I might just have one of those in my fridge soon!

You can’t pack a lunch if you don’t have lunch food options in the fridge. When I first started packing my lunch to take to work, I wrote at least 3 lunch options into my weekly menu. It took me a while to get into the habit of buying “lunch-y” stuff.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to eat PB&J every day! Pinterest is full of great ideas on what to pack for lunch: look here, here and a fun one here.

If you have any great lunch ideas, let me hear them!  Here’s to a stress-free, comforting morning!

If you missed Tip #1, click here.


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