Nurturing Life

Today is a very special day. It’s my Momma’s birthday!

having fun in the photo booth recently!
having fun in the photo booth at the becoming conference!

My mom is the consummate homemaker. I mentioned in my opening post how she created a place that I didn’t want to leave. I have found the same love for homemaking. Several months ago,  my Mom sent me a text containing a quote she read:

“Creating a place to nurture life is at the heart of what it means to be a woman.”

-Nancy Leigh DeMoss, from her book True Woman 101

I was so struck by that thought. Please keep in mind that Nancy DeMoss is not married. You don’t have to have a husband or children in order to nurture life! One of the definitions of the word nurture is “to support and encourage.”  I’ve found that supporting the life of my husband can be as simple as making sure his work clothes are clean! How are you using your home to nurture others?

Oh, and I’d love for you to stop over at my Mom’s blog and wish her a happy birthday!


4 thoughts on “Nurturing Life

  1. God’s gift of home is a precious one. No matter what stage or age, we all have a home to use for His glory and for the good (nurturing life) for others. Thanks for your sweet words, Whitney. If my family loves home, then that’s the one of the best compliments I could receive!


  2. How are you using your home to nurture others?
    –I try my best once every evening to pick up everyones scattered clothes, dishes and toys to make sure they have the essence of being in a comfortable uncluttered home and can focuse on eachother and not a mess on the floor.


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