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I {heart} clearance deals!

The other night I accompanied my husband on a manly shopping trip in search of an accessory for his iPad. We walked into Staples, and I immediately headed for the back of the store. My husband was skeptical that an office supply store would have clearance bins….but lo and behold, they did! I didn’t buy anything, but there were several good deals back there!

Our hunting shopping trip ended at Target. I love their clearance deals, but hold out for 50% or higher until I am willing to buy something. I found these lovely tumblers in the summer clearance, all priced under $1!


If you don’t normally begin your shopping at the clearance aisle, why not give it a try? I guarantee you’ll find many lovely things you never thought you would be able to afford!

What is your favorite store for shopping the clearance aisle?


4 thoughts on “I {heart} clearance deals!

  1. Goodwill on Saturdays, they have 50% off the first Saturday of every month. granted there is a lot of junk, but there are some good finds if you look hard enough, in the past month I have found a skirt, an Alford Dunner suit,a really nice dressy blouse and 2 skirts and jacket sets suitable for church and a white cabinet that fits around and above the toilet for the bathroom like new, that would have cost me $100 in the stores and it was only $27.00. Don’t go there much, will start going ore at least on half price Saturdays.


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