Organizing: One Room at a Time

Hello lovelies! Today I’m going to begin a series that could keep us talking for a long time.

Organizing your home is a step-by-step, continual process!

A little background here: when my husband and I moved out of our one bedroom apartment into a four bedroom, two bath ranch home, I thought blissfully to myself,

At last! Having a big house means no more clutter!

Fast forward six months, and I had more clutter and mess than I could have ever imagined. My new home doesn’t have great storage options (read: small closets with weird shelving). It finally dawned on me what I needed.

Organizational systems. And less junk.

I took several weekends plus a week of vacation – and trips to the Dollar Store and IKEA, but now I am so pleased with what I was able to do!

Do you have a drawer, a closet, a dresser, a cabinet, or a whole room that needs to be organized? Don’t feel bad if you need to organize your whole house…I did, and it’s totally doable!

The first step in organization (in my opinion) is de-cluttering. If you have time to work on a whole room at once, here’s a great article about that.  I did my household overhaul in segments of a few hours here and there, so it worked best for me to take one drawer, cabinet or closet at a time.

I’m going to show you the rooms I’ve organized, one at a time, over the next few weeks. I hope that some of the things I’ll share will be helpful for you.

What room or area would you like to see first? Or am I the only one with clutter and organizational issues? {wink}

4 thoughts on “Organizing: One Room at a Time

  1. If your going one step at a time, I think the bedroom closet or master bather room would be a great place to start! Then move along to the bedroom iteslf. Following! I can’t wait to see what you’ve done. I need inspiration haha.


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