Kitty Comfort

Let’s just pause for a second and look at an adorable collage…


Nothing makes a home more comforting than a kitty (or two). Even on their sassy days (see top right photo), they are the sweetest home decor!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know how much I love my kitties. šŸ™‚

Do you agree? Let me hear you, kitty lovers!


5 thoughts on “Kitty Comfort

  1. You know how I love Kittens, but alas, I’m not able to have one at the present time. Sharee got a new on from Rachel. Her Mom rescued four or five that someone had dumped off near her, fed them from an eyedropper, and now that they were old enough, trying to find homes for them. Sharee being the soft touch that she is, took one.


  2. You are so right! Since we moved into our new home, I’ve realized what makes it homey is Liza sprawled in front of the glass doors looking outside or curled up in a patch of sunshine on the bedroom floor. Wish I could share one of the bazillion pictures I have of her…then all would agree! =^^=


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