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Taking the Stress Out Of Back To School – In Three Easy Steps

It’s back to school time! I have three easy tips that you can do today to take the stress out of tomorrow. Ready?

How to make back to school mornings run smoothly Come Home For Comfort

Prepare Clothes the Night Before

Decide what you – and the rest of the family – will wear. If you haven’t worn the outfit in a while, try it on to make sure it still fits. Lay out everything for your children’s outfits, including shoes and underwear. Older children should be able to do this on their own. Even homeschool families can benefit from this tip!

Pack Lunches the Night Before

I talked about this in more detail here, but it’s a pretty basic concept. When I know the week will be a hectic one, I prep as much of the lunches as I can on Sunday night (I don’t have kids, but I pack a lunch for my husband).

Place Important School Items At the Door

Backpacks should be ready to go, packed with all the next day’s essentials. Set them by the door along with anything else that must go to school. If there’s an item that cannot live by the door (something in the fridge, etc.), write a reminder on a post-it note and put it on the door at eye level.

Do you see a theme here? You aren’t doing any extra work – these are things you would have to do at some point in your day! Doing things the night before just saves stress and makes for smooth mornings! Why not?

How are you planning to take the stress out of those back to school mornings?

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