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High Five For Friday!

It’s time for a fun weekly recap! Here we go!

1. My mom and I attended Becoming last weekend, and we had a great time together! It’s basically a women’s conference with workshops on home decor, frugal living and various DIY techniques. I enjoyed hearing from two of my all time favorite bloggers – Christy from Southern Plate and Rhoda from Southern Hospitality Blog.

You can learn more about Becoming here.

Becoming 2014 Come Home For Comfort
L to R, first row: mom and me/the conference hosts on stage/christy jordan  second row: rhoda, mom, christy jordan and me third row: the lovely conference center and the cents of style photo booth

2.  One of the best parts of the Becoming conference is the goodie bags! One of the goodies was this lovely infinity scarf from Cents of Style. Can one ever have too many scarves? If you don’t already shop the Fashion Friday sales from Cents of Style, you have to check it out! I love their stuff.

Cents of Style Scarf Come Home For Comfort

3. I love it when I know the answer (or I guess it’s really the question…) to a Jeopardy question and my husband doesn’t. He’s incredibly smart, so it makes me feel very validated when that happens! The answer was “this President was the first to be married to a woman not born in the United States.” The question is “Who is John Quincy Adams?” I knew this because I’ve been re-reading a book called America’s First Ladies. Reading for the win! 🙂

4. Now that my sister is a busy wife, working from home (she’s an amazing music teacher!) and living in another state, I seriously miss the time we got to spend together when she lived here. Thank goodness for Facetime! I can’t imagine how much more I would miss her without our weekly Facetime sessions!


5. And finally, I’m getting my hair cut today. I have plans to change it up a little…but I always end up styling my hair the exact same way I’ve worn it for the past who knows how long. We’ll see what happens! 🙂

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Have a lovely weekend!

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19 thoughts on “High Five For Friday!

  1. The scarf is very pretty! The color looks great on you! I’m the same way about my husband and Jeopardy 🙂 It’s a big victory when I know an answer and he doesn’t. The First Ladies book sounds great – I’m going to have to check that one out!


  2. I’m glad you & your mom had fun. I love to go on outings with my mom. I hope you get to see your sister soon enough. I also hope you have a great Friday!


  3. Good luck with the haircut – hope it’s just what you wanted. You look great in mint!! I’ll have to check out your favorite bloggers because I’m always looking for new blogs to read. Hope you have a great weekend.


  4. I’m so glad that you and your mom enjoyed the conference! Loving the scarf! Super cute! 😉 Way to go on that answer, girl! Thanks for sharing the source of your knowledge there …sound like an interesting read! So happy for ya that you are able to connect and enjoy time with your sister via FaceTime! Modern technology can be a beautiful thing 😉 Love the close bond that you share with your family!! … Happy Friday + haircut day! I’m sure it’ll turn out lovely! 🙂 xo


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