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The Cat Owner’s Struggle to Keep The House Clean

How to clean cat hair from your floors and walls

If you have pets, you know that keeping the house clean and smelling fresh requires some effort. I have two indoor cats that shed an insane amount for short hair cats! While we love our fur babies, I’m aware that not everyone who enters our home will share our adoration for all things feline (bless their hearts!). I want people to be comfortable in our home, so here are the things I do to keep the cat factor to a minimum:

  • Empty the litter box every day (the dreaded chore!)
  • Sweep around the litter box at least once a day
  • Clean the litter box a least bi-weekly (empty all the litter, wash with dish soap, dry and fill with clean litter)
  • Dust with my favorite dusting rag 
  • Remove cat hair from pillows, linens and lamp shades (yep…) with a lint roller
  • Sweep the floors and baseboards twice a week with my Flexi-Edge Floor & Wall Duster

If you’re not familiar with that last item, allow me to introduce you to my new friend! The kind people at e-cloth® heard how much I love their products, and sent me this new item to try in my home. I really love it!

Cleaning Pet Hair with the Flexi Edge Floor and Wall Duster From Ecloth

Those little fluffy tentacles reach out and SUCK UP not only cat hair, but also dust bunnies, allergens, cob webs, and dirt…it’s fabulous! The edges are flexible so that you can sweep the baseboards and the floor at the same time. It also works really well for cleaning cob webs off the walls and ceilings. The duster attracts the cob webs right into the fibers, and none of the nastiness falls down on your head! Don’t you hate when that happens?

Whether you own a pet or just want to make your household cleaning process a little simpler, I highly recommend this duster.


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This post was not sponsored by e-cloth. They did send me the duster as a courtesy, but I always share my honest opinions and did not guarantee a review post. I really love their products!


4 thoughts on “The Cat Owner’s Struggle to Keep The House Clean

  1. Hi Whitney 🙂 Are you still using/liking these cleaning products? Any other suggestions? I have an inside cat too – she’s a mega shedder!!! We always have to lint brush ourselves before we leave the house; her fur is our constant battle. Thanks for your awesome blog…it is a blessing to me!


    1. Hi Jenny! Yes, I still do all the things I listed and I use the e-cloth products. My favorite thing is the floor and wall duster. I use it at least once a week on all the hardwood/linoleum floors, baseboards and any blinds or vertical surfaces that have rogue cat hair on them. 🙂 It actually grabs the hair instead of just moving it around, which is what I find with a regular broom. The struggle is real! My only other suggestion would be to comb or brush your cat. That will get a lot of the loose furs out at once. My mom has a cat with VERY long fur, and she loves being brushed. Thanks for your sweet words and for following along with me! Hugs and good luck with your war on cat hair! 🙂


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