Blessing Your Family

Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered. Proverbs 11:25

How to Bless Your Family Come Home For Comfort

It’s easy to think that we do enough for our families as wives and mothers. Have you ever thought these words?

“I do all the laundry, buy the groceries, cook the meals and keep the house clean. What more do you people want? And would it kill someone to say thank you once in a while?!”

The verse from Proverbs I shared above has been on my mind a lot recently. I’ve been on the receiving end of some very kind and selfless actions from various members of my family…things that went way above meeting basic needs. It has really challenged me to reciprocate the blessing to them!

One way I’ve tried to bless my husband is by making a hot breakfast before he goes to work. At 6 AM. I’m not a morning person, and I pack his lunch and always make supper for us. It would be easy to convince myself that two meals out of three is good enough. He would be happy to eat cold cereal – but I know he really loves eggs over easy with toast. Making breakfast for him a few days a week doesn’t take that much effort, but it makes a difference in his day and is a way I can bless my sweet husband.

Here are a few other ways we can bless our families:

  • Bake a special treat for dessert – maybe someone’s favorite treat
  • Set the table with nice linens and pretty dishes for a weeknight meal
  • Let your husband know in a tangible way that you support his career
  • Put an encouraging note in your child’s lunchbox
  • Take your husband’s car through the car wash, then leave his favorite candy in the cup holder (as long as it won’t melt)
  • Text a family member to ask how you can pray for them that day
  • Touch up your makeup and hair before your husband comes home from work
  • Make sure you are well stocked on toiletries your husband uses (shaving cream, contact solution, etc.)

I love following The Generous Wife (blog/twitter) for daily suggestions on how to bless my husband. 

If you’re feeling tired or unappreciated, I encourage you to do something to bless your family. God’s Word promises to enrich and refresh you!

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10 thoughts on “Blessing Your Family

  1. A great post Whitney. I think we could all benefit from being a little more kind and thoughtful. One of my friends shared with me that her husband often leaves treats for her in her car. When you have been married for 40 years, it is nice that hubby still does those little things. My own sweet husband is a physicist(think Big Bang Theory) and those kinds of things are not on his radar and I have learned that over the years! I think you are setting a wonderful example for other young wives and mothers!!


  2. I love this!! I am not a morning person either but you’ve inspired to pick a day a week to wake up early and make my husband breakfast. He’d be thrilled and I think he’d really appreciate the effort on my part. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂


  3. Great post Whitney! Convicting as in this day so easy to want to be appreciated and to be served. The blessing is definitely in serving our families. May God give us grace as we rely on Him to love/bless our families in this Christ like manner!


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