How To Style Your Coffee Table

How To Style Your Coffee Table via ComeHomeForComfort

Have you noticed that home decor magazines have the most beautiful coffee table displays?  It seems their stylists have such a knack for creating company-ready looks! While flipping through the pages of a recent Southern Living magazine, I came across an article titled “How To Style Your Coffee Table.” The five step instructions make it a breeze to replicate those beautiful glossy displays:

  1. Start with a tray – the style you choose sets the tone for the rest of the table’s accessories.
  2. Stack up books – top the stack with a decorative object for a polished touch.
  3. Vary the heights – balance the squareness of the books and tray with a few taller items such as a vase or candlesticks.
  4. Layer on the accessories – these can be practical items such as coasters for drinks or a bowl of nuts for snacking.
  5. Finish off with fresh finds – breathe life into your tabletop with flowers and greenery!

I had already styled my coffee table with the white tray you see above – so I felt pretty good about that! If you need a little more inspiration to get started, check out my Pinterest board below:

coffee table ideas on pinterest

What do you like to put on your coffee table?

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15 thoughts on “How To Style Your Coffee Table

  1. I, thankfully, have a toddler that doesn’t really touch my coffee table tray! But love that formula. I always have a stack of magazines to read, some floral item (real or fake), and an extra decorative item. It’s fun to play around with what’s there!


  2. Oooo, thanks for posting! I actually just bought the pink serving tray from Target. It’s going on my turquoise console table (also from Target) because that room is awkward and a coffee table just isn’t going to work. But I’ve been think about what to fill it with, and now I have ideas! Thanks, friend!


  3. I have a teal tray on my black coffee table filled with a big bowl of lemons and magazines. I saw the example in Southern Living and found my tray at Hobby Lobby, used my 40% off coupon so win win!!


  4. I love this formula for decorating your coffee table. I have had nothing on my coffee table for about a year because Olive kept pulling my tray off and it just wasn’t safe. Boo! However, I’ve got the perfect tray and fun accessories to add back on in the near future. I make sure my kitchen table, counter and higher tables all have fun trays or decorations to compensate for my naked coffee table 🙂


  5. Sadly, I had to remove all my pretty things from my coffee table because of little fingers :-). I can’t wait til the day that I can make it look pretty again! One thing I saw on Pinterest that I’d like to try, is place a mirror on the tray. It adds pretty dimension, and would reflect a candle or flowers, beautifully!


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