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High Five For Friday! {and avocado}

High Five For Friday

1// I grabbed a bag of avocados at Costco two Fridays ago…and I’m still enjoying them! I stored them in the fridge and just pulled one out at a time to ripen. I found that putting them in a bowl with my other fruit helped them to ripen in about 48 hours. Avocado on toast is one of my favorite breakfasts and is the way I’ve eaten most of the batch.

2// Using a $4 coupon for any Almay product, I scored a lovely new lipstick for less than $2! I got the Almay Smart Shade Butter Kiss Lipstick in Berry-Light. The formula reminds me a lot of the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters. It’s very moisturizing and lasts for hours at a time. I wear lipstick all day, every day, so I’m always happy to find a nice one at a steal!

3// What woman doesn’t want to receive a dinner date invitation? Monday night my hubby asked that wonderful question, “Do you want to have date night for supper?” Glorious! We shared stories from the day over the best of Wendy’s value menu, followed of course by Jr. Frosties. The added perk of eating at Wendy’s on a weeknight? We were the youngest in the restaurant by 30 years! It was so quiet and easy to have a conversation while we ate!

4// When I’m shopping, almost anything turquoise catches my eye. I saw these lovely drinking glasses on a clearance end cap at Target and once I saw the $.88 price tags, I knew they had to come home with me. And they had 6 matching ones. Score!

5// Thelma Lou hasn’t been featured on H54F in way too long! She’s such a funny kitty. The only time she’ll sit with me is when I’m asleep in bed. She curls up on my legs every. single. night, takes a complete bath and then falls asleep. I have to take what I can get!

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Have a lovely weekend!

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10 thoughts on “High Five For Friday! {and avocado}

  1. What fantastic deals you scored this week!!! Lipstick for under $2 and beautiful new glasses for under a buck AND they had a set of 6!! Amazing!!! I love that you enjoyed a fun and yummy midweek date night at your husband’s thoughtful invitation. 🙂 Conversation with your your hubby and a frosty — can a weeknight get any better?! 😉 Have a beautiful weekend friend!

    On a random side note, I’ve enjoyed all your posts via an email subscription for quite a while and for some reason I have received them in my inbox for week or two now. Going to subscribe again as I check my email daily but don’t always keep up with my bloglovin feed. Yours is one of my absolute favorite blogs so I never want to miss a post!! 😉


    1. You’re so sweet, Brenda!! I’m always touched that people read what I have to say. I don’t know what the deal was with the email subscription, sorry about that! I always love hearing from you and I’m so glad you’re back to blogging now! Hugs!


  2. I’m in the market for some new, summer lipstick so I’m going to have to check out the Almay one you recommended. I love your new glasses from Target and Wendy’s dollar menu is delish! I think it’s impossible to eat there and NOT get a frosty 🙂


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