If I Could Go On A Shopping Spree…

I’m always up for some new outfit inspiration, and after perusing the internet in search of some fresh outfit ideas, I realized that I’m really into a feminine, floral look with touches of navy and pink. I could definitely go on a shopping spree and purchase all of the outfits I found, but for now I’ll settle with seeing what combinations I can come up with from the items already in my closet and sharing my inspiration outfits with you!

Below each picture I’ve put the link where you can find each item for yourself in case you want to add any of these adorable pieces to your wardrobe! 🙂 (No affiliate links here!)









Gap floral


What looks are you really into for spring?

Alli Sig


9 thoughts on “If I Could Go On A Shopping Spree…

    1. The navy skirt is something I will definitely be on the lookout for this spring. I love the mixture of nautical and feminine it has.


  1. Lovely picks & lovely blog!
    Florals are a year round favourite for me and that Gap dress really speaks to me (although it seems to be sold out..!).
    I am excited to shop for crisp whites, pinks, and sandals! Spring is definitely my favourite season of the year 🙂

    Take care,



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