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High Five For Friday!

It’s September! The last quarter of the year is my favorite and I’m glad it’s finally here! Here’s how the first week of September went down at my house…

1. This was the first Labor Day in five years of being together that Paul didn’t have to work! We celebrated with steaks at my favorite restaurant, Texas Roadhouse. Not a bad day! 🙂

date night texas roadhouse
restaurant lighting. ugh.

texas roadhouse

2. On Tuesday I celebrated one year of blogging! I gushed about that over here, so I won’t repeat myself. Even if you only ever click on my blog through a Friday linkup, thanks for reading!

One Year Blogiversary Pic

3. I love couponing because it means I rarely ever have to pay full price for anything. Sometimes I have to wait for the stars to align (when I can pair a coupon with a sale), but it’s always worth it! I got some incredible deals at Target on things we really needed. I spent $30 for the things pictured below – and I saved $36! I paid less than a dollar a bottle ($.88) for my husband’s favorite body wash. Yeah!

target haul

4. It’s always a good week when this is in your freezer. I’m proud to say I bought those on Monday and there’s still some left in each container! Not sure how long that will last, though…

ice cream heaven

5. I am so grateful for the wonderful summer I’ve had! After working full time for several years, I felt like I was able to get my life back this summer! It was so nice to have as much time as I wanted to clean, blog, organize and take care of my home. I got to travel a bunch and I spent a lot of time with my family. I don’t think I’ll get to do this forever, but being home all summer was such a gift! (If you’re wondering why I was home all summer, you can read about that here.)

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Have a lovely weekend!

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19 thoughts on “High Five For Friday!

  1. I think it’s the Midwest in us that loves the Fall! And awesome job not devouring that ice cream right away! We can’t keep peanut butter cup ice cream in the house because my husband loves it! 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend.


  2. It looks like you’ve had a great week! Good job on the coupons. I tried for a while and just couldn’t get into it! You’ve made me think that maybe I should start trying to coupon a little more. 🙂 And congrats on your one year blogiversary! 🙂 I’m glad I’ve found your blog!


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