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1// My sister recommended this coral polish in her Beach Beauty Essentials post, and from the moment I saw the picture I knew I had to have it. I love the bright pop of color it gives my nails- not too pink, not too orange. I took the pic above after four days of wear – no chipping!

2// I signed up for a free snack box from Graze and it came this week. Getting a box of snacks delivered right to your door is definitely exciting! I love the fun packaging and the tons of variety they offer. I love having an on-the-go snack option that isn’t a crumbly cereal bar. If you’re into all natural, healthy snacks, this is a subscription box for you! I don’t have an affiliate link or anything – just go to Graze and you can sign up for a free trial.

3// While we’re on the food topic, I’ve also been enjoying this delicious chocolate sauce with ice cream! My mom saw the Sanders milk chocolate topping in the Detroit airport and remembered eating it when she was a kid in Michigan. She is so nice to bring me souvenirs and to send me postcards when she travels!

4// My work schedule got cut back to 4 days a week which means I have Saturday, Sunday and Monday to take care of my housewife duties. Wohoo! I enjoyed taking my time running errands over the weekend and even took a car selfie to commemorate the occasion. 🙂

5// Happy Mothers Day on Sunday! If you have babies at home, away from home, in heaven or in your heart, Happy Mothers Day!

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Have a lovely weekend!

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18 thoughts on “High Five For Friday!

    1. I’m thrilled with a 4-day week! I already had every other Monday off, but it worked out that now I have all the Mondays off without adding hours to the rest of the week. Pretty awesome! 🙂


  1. Subscription boxes look like such fun! I think I could only pay for one at a time, but there are so many great options! They are good gifts, too. And that nail polish is great! That Sally Hansen formula is a strong one, which is important for me as a nail biter! HA! Have a great weekend!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea


  2. That coral nail polish is perfect for warm weather. I bet the cats like having you home one more day a week 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful weekend and I really love the way you phrases your Mother’s Day wishes… it includes everyone 🙂


  3. Happy Friday, Whitney!! I’ve been wanting to get a coral nail polish, and you sold me on the no chipping after several days! That’s amazing!! I just signed up for a month of Graze boxes through a Groupon deal they offered last week. I can hardly wait for my first box to arrive! Glad you’re enjoying the yummies they sent your way! 🙂 Excited for you that your work schedule is now 4 days a week, giving you more time for taking care of things at home, errands …and of course, more time for more selfies. hehe! Super cute snap, sweets! By the way, I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this, but every time I see a picture of your I think, what beautiful hair Whitney has! Love it! 😉 Have a fabulous weekend!! Much love to ya, friend! xo


    1. Hi Friend! The key to my no-chip polish is the Sally Hansen Diamond Shine topcoat. It is the best. Hope you enjoy your Graze box! And thanks for the hair compliment…I do the best I can with what I have! Ha! Hugs to you – have a great weekend!


  4. I always enjoy your high fives Whitney!! I love that nail polish. I used something similar on my toes last week. I tend to stay away from orangey colors but this coral had more pink tones.


  5. Fun stuff! I’ve been wearing a nail color similar to that for the last month and I love it! It’s so summery! Cute selflie! Enjoy your long weekend!


  6. I keep seeing Graze, but I haven’t pulled the trigger and gotten it yet. I can never decide on a subscription box. I love the idea of Stitch Fix too, and there’s Bluum which would be for Juliet. Too many decisions! haha

    Have a great weekend! 🙂


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