Aldi Grocery Haul + {Not Lazy} Menu Monday

I make myself shop at Aldi about once a month. I’d much rather stroll the calm and aesthetically pleasing aisles of my favorite grocery store (Ingles), but I find Aldi’s low prices on produce and canned goods too good to resist. My grocery budget is set at $75/week – watch the video below to see what I bought and to find out if stayed in my budget!


I’m really trying to not be lazy with my weeknight meals – and menu planning always helps with that. Last week I planned some new recipes and things that we don’t usually eat, and I was so pleased with the way our suppers tasted! I sat down with my Pinterest recipes and my cookbooks again this week and worked to plan a menu that I’ll be excited to fix.

On The Menu


  • Cereal
  • Fruit
  • Eggs and Bacon
  • Peanut Butter Toast



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9 thoughts on “Aldi Grocery Haul + {Not Lazy} Menu Monday

  1. My sister shops at Aldi and loves it. We don’t have one in Mississippi, but I always enjoy seeing your grocery hauls regardless. Great deal on the canned veggies and blocks of cheese. I also love that you picked up fruit snacks 🙂 I love those things. Thanks to you – I’m getting better at knowing the sales rotations at my favorite stores so that I can buy staples only when they go on sale.


    1. Ha, thanks – I was kind of embarrassed to admit that we eat fruit snacks with no children in the house. 🙂 I’m so proud of your sale cycle knowledge! One reason I shop at Aldi at the end of the month is that grocery stores don’t put as much on sale that week. The first 3 weeks of the month are much better for sales.


  2. I love these videos Whitney. We do have an Aldi’s here and I need to take advantage of them more. Like you, I am just more comfortable in my own favorite grocery store. When hubby retires I am going to have to really re think my grocery shopping as we will not have as much expendable income.


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