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High Five For Weekends {and North Carolina}

Hi Friends! Today’s H54F post is all about last weekend. I have enough to say from those days that I won’t even share the obligatory kitty picture today. (Of course you can find those on my Instagram)

Friday night Paul helped me make supper (he’s a pretty good sous chef!) and then we settled in for a movie night. We rarely ever watch movies together but we both wanted to watch The Theory of Everything. It was an excellent movie, although heart wrenching to watch. The story also initiated some good conversations between us afterward, talking through what we truly believe as Christians concerning the beginning of time. As I watched Professor Hawking work through his theory of time, my heart reminded me that God didn’t have a beginning. He has always been, and He will always be. I’m so thankful that I can anchor my hope in that Truth!

But the weekend wasn’t completely filled with scientific and theological thinking. There was some ice cream too.

Paul looks like Jim

Saturday morning we drove over to Asheville, North Carolina. We stopped for lunch at BT’s Burger Joint in Biltmore Park, the place I mentioned a few weeks ago. My sister recommended the restaurant and my burger-loving husband quite approved. I ordered the kids meal because it came with a hot fudge sundae. Can you blame me? Also…sometimes people tell Paul he looks like John Krasinski in The Office. I think he looks a LOT like Jim Halpert in that picture. Office fans, what do you think?


Paul was scheduled to referee a high school lacrosse game at a beautiful boarding school in Asheville. The campus is over 100 years old and has the most amazing view of the Western North Carolina mountains. He parked the car here so I could enjoy the view. I spent 8 summers in those mountains and I dearly love them (well not those exact ones, but the NC mountains nonetheless).

WNC Mountains

There’s Paul out on the field…

Paul Refereeing Lacross

On Sunday we were encouraged and challenged during Sunday School and the worship service at our church. Afterwards a sweet couple invited us out to eat, just because they knew we were going through a hard time with something and wanted to encourage us. We left the restaurant with our spirits lifted!


My mom flew into our local airport after a weekend trip to Nova Scotia (read about her adventures here). We picked up Mom and her sweet friend and were able to see some pictures and hear a little bit about their trip before they headed home to Tennessee. I rounded out my weekend with a looooong Facetime with the sister. Thank goodness it’s not 1995, I could never afford those long distance calls.

This weekend I’m back to the normal routine of cleaning, grocery shopping and getting ready for the next week. And that’s good too. 🙂

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Have a lovely weekend!

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15 thoughts on “High Five For Weekends {and North Carolina}

  1. This post sure made my heart smile!!! Theological convos with Jim Halpert …er, your hubby, ice cream (I LOVE that you went with a kid’s meal for that perk — my kinda girl ;)), gorgeous scenery, encouragement from a brother and sister in Christ (isn’t God so good to bring us encouragement through others in the body of Christ?! :)), time with your mom and (Face)Time with your sister — sounds like you soaked up a lot of beautiful moments over this past week!! I enjoyed your recap, and will be praying for you this week! *Hugs!*


  2. What a great weekend! You two are so cute! 🙂 I was in Asheville last Saturday, too! And I’ll be praying for your situation, whatever it may be!


  3. Your husband does remind me of Jim….and you remind me a bit of Pam as well. You are a cute couple. Glad you got some encouragement from friends and your mama. We all have times where we need some TLC.


  4. What a fun week! I love that you ordered the kids meal for the ice cream sundae. I’ve been guilty of doing that at Culvers and a local burger place in Indiana called GD Ritzy’s 🙂 I’d rather have a smaller meal if it means getting ice cream 🙂 Your pictures of the NC mountains are beautiful. I’ve never been and would love to see them one day. Hope you have a great weekend 🙂


    1. I love Culvers! I also always order the kid’s meal because it is a good portion and you get a kiddie coupon for ice cream right on the bag!


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