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5 Things I Do Every Day To Keep My House Clean


It’s Monday, which for me means the beginning of another work week. Working full time doesn’t leave much room in my schedule for daily cleaning routines, but I have a few chores that I complete every day to keep the house in order until Saturday comes around.

Even if your schedule is busier than mine, I’m sure you’ll find that working in a few tasks each day goes a long way to having a clean house! Here are the 5 things I do every day to keep my house clean!

1. Make the bed
I find it’s best to do this as soon as I get out of bed. Most of the time, the bed is the focal point of your room. Having a neatly made bed instantly improves the look of the room!

2. Wipe the bathroom surfaces
I keep Lysol wipes in the cabinet under the sink for easy access. Each morning I wipe the sink, faucet and then the toilet lid and seat. It takes a few seconds but makes a huge difference!

3. Sweep the kitchen floor
I like to do this in the morning while I wait for the coffee to brew.

4. Clear the kitchen counters
Keeping the counters clean takes constant effort! Before I leave for work, I put all the breakfast dishes in the dish washer and wipe the counters. Sometime during the day either Paul or I put away the clean dishes in the dish drainer (this is a good chore for kids…at least my Mom always thought so!). Before bed I put any straggling dishes in the dish washer and wipe the counters again.

5. Straighten the living room
Fold the blankets, put the sofa pillows where they belong, corral the TV remotes…just put stuff away. If you have trouble with paperwork and mail cluttering your counters, check out my system for that here.

What is your strategy for keeping a clean house?

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16 thoughts on “5 Things I Do Every Day To Keep My House Clean

  1. My husband likes for the dishes to be clean. Always. I could care less about the dishes (or any other housework for that matter;)) . Good tips, though!


  2. I try to do all of this, but honestly, the kitchen is my least favorite place to do any sort of work. I hate doing dishes so much. But it does seem to make the house feel a lot cleaner and life in general feel less chaotic.

    Just wish I would have figured this out sooner πŸ˜‰
    Caitlin @ Coffee with Caitlin


  3. Just found your blog and I can’t put it down lol. I recently got married and I’m a stay at home wife now. I love all your ideas. Thank you πŸ™‚ we have a small little apartment so this shouldn’t be to hard πŸ˜‰ but I need to feel like I have a routine again!


  4. I need to be better about making our bed. I usually go back up and make the bed later. I’d probably have better luck at making this habit stick if I made the bed as soon as I got up. I also try to wipe down the surfaces and make a to do list for the following day before bed.


  5. We do those same daily tasks. they make such a difference, and having guests in is so much easier! I homeschool my 2 girls (8 and 10). Twice each day we do a 5 minute tidy. I set a timer, and we do as much as we can in 5 minutes. Usually we each pick a different room. If the room only needs 2 minutes of work, grab the broom, dust, or help in another room. We do this when school is over, and right before my husband comes home. Makes housekeeping so much nicer.


  6. Loved this post! My husband and I both work as well and when we first got married I had a hard time keeping the house as clean as I like it. I wanted so badly to be a stay at home wife and thought that with working I wouldn’t be able to keep the house kept up. I finally begun setting aside a few minutes each morning and evening to do the 5 things you listed above and it has made all the difference in the world! Makes the Saturday cleaning so much easier too!


  7. You are a girl after my own heart….I do those things as well. When we were first married, our Sunday School teachers, who were a couple in their 40s passed on this tip. When you get up in the morning, make the bed together. And we have done that for YEARS now. Of course if couples do not get up at the same time, that would be difficult.:) But it does make you feel that you have accomplished one task early in the morning.


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