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My New Year’s Resolution: A Date Night Challenge!

Happy 2014! I don’t remember that I’ve ever made a New Year’s Resolution – at least not in my adult life. This year I’m taking the plunge!

My New Year’s Resolution includes my favorite person (my husband 🙂 ). We are going to strive for one “date night” a week, with one of those each month being a meal or dessert out at a restaurant. Normal date night doesn’t have to cost anything – it can be playing a game, watching a movie or even enjoying an episode of Seinfeld….the point is that we’re spending time together, on purpose. Anyone who is married knows that doesn’t just happen!

I’m so excited about our New Year’s Resolution! It’s so much more fun than giving up something…I’m getting more of my favorite person! We believe that happy marriages take work. While I think we have a very good marriage…we don’t want to settle for good, instead of great!

Would you like to join us in our 2014 Date Night Challenge?

Date Night Challenge Come Home For Comfort

Let me know in the comments if you’re up for the challenge! I’m sure I’ll be blogging about a few of our date nights here and there, to let you know how we’re doing with our resolution. Follow my 2014 Date Night Challenge Ideas board on Pinterest for date night ideas and inspiration.

I hope you’ll join us in our endeavor to strengthen our marriage! Happy New Year!


15 thoughts on “My New Year’s Resolution: A Date Night Challenge!

  1. I love this! Such a wonderful idea, will definitely try to use as my own New Years resolution. I usually do a weight loss resolution (don’t we all!) but being pregnant I don’t think that would be very acceptable. Love the idea of date night resolution and the no cost option… games, move night in, etc. so cute!


  2. Love this challenge! I’m definitely up for it!! We also only do (1) date out per month. We do a lot of “at home” dates too. Can’t wait to see what ideas you share!


  3. This is a decision you will never regret. Dating starting before marriage and NEEDS to continue throughout your marriage. The fun never has to end. After 32 years, your Momma and I still date and are lovin’ every minute of it!!


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