Connecting With Your Husband

Date Night Challenge Come Home For Comfort

If you’ve been reading my blog for several months, you might remember my 2014 Date Night Challenge. My husband and I set a goal to have one date night every week this year. We haven’t made it every week, but we’ve had at least two or three date nights a month…which is pretty good!

Have you been through a season in your marriage where you and your husband spend time together – but you don’t really connect? I imagine this happens to everyone at some point in their relationship. It could be due to busy schedules, parenting, financial pressures or any other distraction that comes along in life. Distractions aren’t always bad (like children 🙂 ) but we have to be careful not to let them take over at the expense of our marriages.

This is where we found ourselves at the end of last week. Together, but not connecting. We had already planned a trip to visit my family for the weekend, so we left early enough to give ourselves time for a date en route. The drive from where we live to where my parents live in Tennessee is so beautiful! I packed our lunch, and we stopped at one of the overlooks in North Carolina. We ate our lunch at a covered seating area with a gorgeous view.

Dating Your Spouse Beautiful North Carolina Mountains Come Home For Comfort

There’s something about getting away from your normal surroundings that helps to tone down the distractions. We had such a great weekend together, and it all started with that stop in the mountains.

Dating Your Spouse Come Home For Comfort

If you and your husband haven’t been able to connect recently, try spending some time away from your usual surroundings. Even if you can’t go somewhere overnight, jump in the car and drive to another city. Sing along with your favorite playlist, hold hands and enjoy each other’s company. My parents have been doing this for years, and I see why they do!

How do you connect with your husband? If you are doing the 2014 Date Night Challenge, how’s it going? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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