Laundry Organization In Three Easy Steps

Laundry is such a necessary evil, isn’t it? It’s a never-ending chore – does anyone’s laundry basket stay empty for longer than .05 seconds? Mine never does!

Here are three things I do to keep the laundry organized and under control.

Laundry Organization Three Steps Come Home For Comfort

1. Set a laundry schedule.

This is most helpful if your kids play sports or if someone in your family wears a uniform to school or work. My husband’s employer only issues enough uniforms to get them halfway through the week, so I have a set night that I do a load of his work clothes as soon as he comes home. If I don’t set that routine for myself, I will most likely forget that mid-week laundry need. If you have a high volume of laundry, a daily schedule like this one might be helpful.

2. Find a large space where you can fold the laundry.

This might be your kitchen table, bar counter or even your bed. I fold clean clothes at our kitchen bar counter for two reasons: I can fit all the folded clothes neatly in that space, and I can watch TV while I work!

3. Make it easy to put away folded laundry.

Organization is basically putting things where they belong. Getting ready in the morning is always easier when the clothes I need are where they belong (in the dresser or closet) and not in the laundry basket. After I fold the laundry, I put it in the laundry basket in reverse order of where things go in the house. Like this…

Laundry Organization System Come Home For Comfort
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In the picture above, the towels are on the bottom of the basket. They belong in the master bathroom, which is the last room in our house. I work backwards from there, so that the things on the top of the basket belong in the first room off the kitchen. Clear as mud? 🙂

How do you keep your household laundry organized and under control? 

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5 thoughts on “Laundry Organization In Three Easy Steps

  1. I love a good laundry routine! I used to be all over the place with it, but now I’ve decided to dedicate Mondays to laundry. I wash and put away all of our laundry that same day and it’s nice to not worry about it during the rest of the week! My mom always folds her laundry on the couch, but now that I’m married it doesn’t make sense to me to do it that way! Folding it all on the bed is sooooo much easier.

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