Free Printable Planners for 2014

free printable planners for 2014

The New Year pretty much requires a new calendar…since you definitely can’t use last year’s…ahem. I have two calendars I’m planning to use this year. One is my beloved Chick-Fil-A cow calendar with the accompanying freebies  – part of my husband’s Christmas gift to me. He speaks my love language well! 🙂 The other is a little spiral bound calendar I picked up at Target. It has both the month at-a-glance and week at-a-glance feature and will fit nicely in my purse. I’m going to plan out my blog posts and my weekly menus on these pages. I’ve found if I don’t have a place to record those two things, I end up with post it notes and scraps of paper all over my desk and in my purse.

If you prefer a printable version of a day planner that fits in a three ring binder, I found some really nice ones on Pinterest. Keep in mind that while these are free to access, you still have the cost of ink, paper and your time to put them together. Here are my top three picks for free printable planners in 2014 (say that 10 times fast. Ha!) Click on the picture to go to the calendar.

The first one from The Handmade Home is so bright and fun! I also love the long column format for each day in the week at-a-glance sections.


This one from Rockin’ Paper & Scissors is different from most you’ll find. You can print out one sheet for each month (calendars, goals or a to-do list) and attach it to a clip board. Very fun idea!


And finally, here’s another fun and colorful planner from Gluesticks. I really like how customize-able this one is, with all sorts of additions to the normal pages. There’s a great monthly blog planner listed there that I might try out eventually.


Here’s to an organized 2014! Happy New Year!


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