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Fall Bucket List and Goals {2017}

I am in full-on fall mode! We had a week of cool weather that made it impossible to keep my fall decor stored away. Once the house starts looking cozy and autumnal, it’s all over. And by “it,” I mean anything that’s not fall. 🙂 I thought through all the things I want to accomplish this season and came up with ten items! Some aren’t really related to fall, but they’re on my list nonetheless. 

  1. Finish reading Boundaries In Marriage (I started it 2 years ago!)
  2. Hang the gallery wall in our master bedroom
  3. Accomplish weight loss goals and continue eating healthy
  4. Get pictures taken for our Christmas card
  5. Finish the bulk of Christmas shopping by December 1
  6. Help with a fun family birthday party!
  7. Have several bonfires – either for date night or for company
  8. Make festive baked goods to take to work and to share with friends
  9. Road trip to the new Mayberry Diner in Cross Hill, SC
  10. Take a hand-lettering class – either online or in person

Are you going to ease into fall or did you jump right in like me?

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16 thoughts on “Fall Bucket List and Goals {2017}

  1. You have a fun list! I’m in full fall mode here, too! Usually, I wait until the actual first day of fall to put up anything. But when I do that, the season seems to go extra fast and I’m wishing I had more time to enjoy things. So full steam ahead it is! 🙂 I found some fun decor at the store and also picked up a few fun fall foods (say that three times fast!) at World Market. Just waiting for cool weather so I can pull out the sweaters. I really don’t like super cold weather, but fall is just right!

    Also looking forward to my family’s birthdays. My late father’s was Sept. 22 (like a certain blogger friend I know ;)), my sister’s is Oct. 28, mom’s is Oct. 30, my uncle’s is Nov. 5, and mine is Nov. 9. Both grandpas and a great-grandpa were all born in December, but they’re not alive anymore. Another uncle was born in October, and several cousins are in the fall, too. It’s like one giant party around here from September through the new year! 🙂


    1. Aww, I’m honored to share a birthday with your dad!! ❤ I used to wait until the end of September to put out my fall decor too – but I made a note to remind myself not to do that this year. 🙂 I like being able to take my time getting it just the way I want it before enjoying it through Thanksgiving.

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  2. I like you Fall goals! It is always nice to have something that you are wanting to accomplish. I have jumped right in to Fall because I love all things Fall. I am embracing the cooler weather (which only just started on Wednesday for us!). Hello sweater season!


  3. Great goals!! I still have my back to school decor up, but I should probably start getting out my pumpkins this weekend. Love your goals. It makes me so happy to have the majority of my Christmas shopping done by December 1. I’ve done that the last couple of years and it just makes December so much fun! You just get to focus on wrapping gifts and not stress about shopping. I’ll be joining you with this goal again this year. I’ll also say yes to the bonfires, fall baked goods and would love to take a hand lettering class someday. I follow some fun instagram accounts that practice lettering. There’s one that does a letter a day for you to practice along. I’ll msg you the name


    1. With the traffic the way it is here, it’s almost impossible to get anywhere near the stores in December. I’ve learned it’s better for my Christmas spirit if I get it all done early. Ha! Thanks for tagging me in those accounts – I’ve been trying to find a good one and hadn’t yet!


  4. I got out my fall things yesterday. It was a cold and dreary day so I could not resist. We are going out of town next week so I wanted to get it done!! I look forward to seeing your home once you have it completed. I did hold back a bit this year. And after Halloween the jacks will be replaced with turkeys!


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