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My Spring Bucket List

I love Springtime in South Carolina! This part of the country does Spring so well. Monday was the first day of Spring, but we’ve been enjoying blooms and green grass for weeks now (except for that freak snowstorm a few weeks ago!). It won’t be long before the heat and humidity set in, so I plan to enjoy the weather while it’s still tolerable.

My bucket list for this season is short – but I really only have two months until it feels like summer. Here’s to a beautiful and productive Spring!

What are you hoping to enjoy this Spring? Send me your favorite breakfast smoothie recipes!


22 thoughts on “My Spring Bucket List

  1. Don’t feel bad about the blender situation. I have one but hardly ever use it. I think it’s been several years (like 6 or 7) since I last drug it out! My parents bought it for me and gave me a book of smoothie recipes. Sad to say, I never made a single recipe! I did get some frozen berries and blend them with ice cream a few times, though. Pretty sure that’s not a healthy smoothie! 😉 I need to revisit that book, and I’ll let you know if anything looks good.

    So far this spring, I’ve been cleaning and need to haul things to Goodwill again. Mom and I have some tomato and pepper seedlings in the house that will transfer to the garden when it’s warmer and the ground gets tilled. I’m planning to plant flowers out there, too. My sister’s surgery went as expected last Friday, and now she needs to heal up (many prayers going up for her!). Hopefully, we can get her back to normal very soon! Our fun, free-time things have kind of been on hold due to her condition. I’ve been trying to exercise a bit more and eat healthier snacks, too.


  2. The blender one made me smile. I didnt own one for years either now I have a regular and an immersion one that I use all the time. Great list.


  3. Sounds like a great to do list!! I have a super cheap blender from Wal-Mart that does the job. I hear all the hype about the fancy blenders, but can’t justify spending hundreds of dollars on a blender. Hope you find a good one. I love breakfast smoothies so you’ll have to share your favorite recipe when you find one. Hope you have a wonderful Spring trip and that you enjoy this lovely time of year when everything is in bloom!


  4. That cracks me up that you’ve not owned a blender! We have a magic bullet – have had it for YEARSSSS and it’s been nice for individual servings


  5. So many people own really fancy blenders just to make smoothies, lol. I have my trusty old Cuisineart that I received as a wedding gift 12 years ago now, and it’s still blending my smoothies just fine ;-). I’ll be interested to see what you purchase! We love smoothies in our house. I have a few recipes I’ll send you that I think you would like!


  6. I hope you’ll share your gallery wall! I love seeing what others come up with. We enjoy going to the park this time of year before it gets hot!


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